Our Staff

Kat Walton

Outreach Associate

Kat works to educate the public in the Education Center and Store. She works closely with the Community Engagement and Citizen Science teams to provide visitors with information about the challenges facing Lake Tahoe, what the League is doing to address and overcome those challenges, and how the community can become part of the solution. In addition to running the Education Center, she contributes to outreach programs that promote an informed and energized community to help protect Lake Tahoe.

Kat joined the League in 2020 after becoming familiar with environmental concerns in the Tahoe Basin through an internship with the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association. This internship allowed her to learn about the growing infestation of aquatic invasive plants and gain experience and knowledge in testing potential solutions.

After graduating from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science, Kat spent time working as a camp aide at an eco-friendly resort in Australia and volunteered with the National Park Service as a bird educator in Cape Hatteras. She moved to South Lake Tahoe in late 2018, excited to experience winter in the Sierras. She hopes to help preserve Tahoe’s beauty so that others can experience skiing, bird watching, backpacking, and trail running in the same way she has.

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