Steve Juarez

Board Member

Before retiring in 2019, Steve served as Deputy Treasurer for Economic Development and Higher Education Policy in the Office of California State Treasurer from 2016 through 2018. Prior to that, he served as Associate Vice President and Director of State Government Relations for the University of California, where he was responsible for all policy matters affecting the University that came before the California Executive Branch and State Legislature.

In addition, Steve served as the lead banker for JPMorgan’s Public Finance Division in California, Director of Financial Management for the J. Paul Getty Trust, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Government & Community Relations at UCLA and Chief Legislative Representative for the County of Los Angeles in Sacramento. Since retiring, Steve has continued to contribute as a board member with the National Association of Counties EDGE Board, the California Museum, and the Californian Coalition for Public Higher Education. Steve lives in Truckee with his wife Karen and joined the League’s board of directors in 2024.