We Tackle Invasive Species

to protect and restore Lake Tahoe’s delicate ecology

Aquatic invasive species - fish, clams and weeds - threaten to destroy Tahoe’s water quality and world-famous clarity.

Putting invasive species in check is crucial to protecting Tahoe’s ecological health and natural beauty.
Aquatic invasive species (AIS), introduced to Tahoe by humans, have taken over some of Tahoe’s waters and are changing the Lake we love. They are degrading water quality, disrupting the Lake’s ecology and opening the door for more invasive species to take hold. Warming waters caused by climate change are creating additional habitat along Tahoe’s shoreline for AIS to infest.
Our efforts focus on addressing the problem where it is worst, in the Tahoe Keys, while also preventing new infestations.
For nearly a decade we’ve used innovation and collaboration to test novel solutions in the Tahoe Keys and to prevent aquatic weeds from spreading. We’ve also helped eradicate the largest infestation in the Lake itself. Our Eyes on the Lake citizen science program encourages people to report invasive species sightings while they enjoy the Lake. Eight potential infestations have been snuffed out as a result.

Eyes on the Lake Map

Citizen scientist volunteers have submitted hundreds of reports sharing where they’ve spotted invasive species.