Ways to Keep Tahoe Blue

There’s always something you can do to protect Lake Tahoe, whether you have five minutes or five hours

Visiting Tahoe

Protect Lake Tahoe to keep it beautiful and healthy for your next visit.
  • Become a #TahoeBlueGooder.

    You love Lake Tahoe and want to protect it, but your free time is scarce. No problem. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can be part of the solution by becoming a #TahoeBlueGooder! There’s no paperwork, training or hassle involved. All you need to do is leave Lake Tahoe better than you found it. Every Lake-friendly action you take makes a difference for the health and clarity of Big Blue.

  • Use the Citizen Science Tahoe app.

    Despite its stunning beauty, Lake Tahoe is threatened – by aquatic invasive species, litter, stormwater pollution and climate change. To Keep Tahoe Blue, the League and our partners rely on science to understand and combat these threats. And that’s where you come in. Use the free Citizen Science Tahoe web app to share your observations and help protect Lake Tahoe.

  • Prevent the spread of invasive species.

    Invasive plants and animals take over native habitat, make water unhealthy and reduce lake clarity. Clean, drain and dry your kayaks, boats and all watercraft, and stay on trails to prevent the spread of invasives. Join our Eyes on the Lake program to help us stop new invasions in their tracks.

  • Volunteer at a cleanup or restoration event.

    Community cleanups and ecosystem restoration events, like Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days, are fun and impactful ways to Keep Tahoe Blue. The League hosts a wide variety of events from April through October each year.

  • Choose reusables over single-use plastics.

    One of the top trash items found at Tahoe beach and community cleanups are single-use plastics, including bottles, lids, straws, utensils and plates. Plastics do not biodegrade, but rather photodegrade, breaking down into smaller pieces under the sun. These “microplastics” are toxic in the water and can look like food to wildlife. Bring your own reusable or shop our store for solutions.

Living in Tahoe

You know Tahoe is worth saving. Here are tips to ensure your impact is Lake-friendly.
  • Get prepared for wildfire.

    Following the Caldor Fire, Tahoe firefighters shared lessons learned from battling the flames. Watch their PSA in English or Spanish. The actions property owners took before the fire helped firefighters keep Tahoe homes safe. You can take simple steps today to protect your home and community from the next wildfire.

  • Adopt your Tahoe happy place.

    Living with litter is a part of calling Tahoe home. 15 million annual visitors, plus locals ourselves, place a lot of pressure on the Tahoe environment, and litter is one of the symptoms. Help create a litter-free Tahoe by joining the Tahoe Blue Crew and adopting your favorite trail, beach or neighborhood to keep clean and free of trash.

  • Bike, walk or take the bus.

    Combat pollution by choosing low-impact transportation. Driving pollutes the air and grinds our roads into fine dust and debris that gets caught in runoff and clouds the Lake. Choose an open air transportation option, like walking or riding, or let someone else do the driving.

  • Choose conservation landscaping.

    Support restoration efforts by choosing native or water-wise plants that need less water and fertilizers than lawns. Fertilizers with phosphorus can cause algae growth in the Lake. For tips on using native plants, download the Lake Tahoe Home Landscaping Guide.

  • Install Best Management Practices on your property.

    Property owners at Tahoe are mandated to install measures around their homes and businesses that help Keep Tahoe Blue. Best management practices, or “BMP’s,” help decrease runoff, erosion and pollution in Lake Tahoe. Typical BMP’s include planting native plants, placing mulch on bare dirt, or placing a layer of stones under decks.

  • Become a League member, volunteer and get involved.

    Join the League to support initiatives that protect Lake Tahoe. Get involved by volunteering in our citizen science programs and participating in fun events. Visit our volunteer page to get started.

Take Action Each Season

Tahoe changes a lot with the seasons – so do the ways you can enjoy it and keep it blue. Check out these Lake-friendly activities you can do when the sun is shining or the snow is falling.