Mike Zukerman, Forever Blue Council member.

Mike Zukerman

Forever Blue Council Member

Mike Zukerman is President and CEO of CSAA Insurance Group. With over $6 billion in revenue, it is one of the largest home and auto insurance companies in the United States. Before joining CSAA Insurance in 2011, he spent most of his 25-year career as a legal and business development executive with Bay Area technology companies. Mike grew up in a small town on the Illinois/Iowa border, and his love affair with Lake Tahoe began with a family trip to the lake, where he was awestruck by its incredible beauty and grandeur. Mike attended UC Berkeley for college, mostly to be close to Lake Tahoe, and he spent much of his free time there skiing and enjoying the serene beauty of the lake, when studying didn’t interfere.  Today, Mike and his family split time between their homes in Oakland and near the lake in Tahoe City, where Mike and his wife, Hilary, plan to live full-time someday.  Mike served on the League Board of Directors from 2015 – 2023, including serving as legal committee chair. Mike joined the League board with a particular interest in ensuring an appropriate balance between economic development at Lake Tahoe and the preservation of its pristine natural beauty for generations to come. He is also very interested in the problem of aquatic invasive species.