Your Four-Season Playground

Ways you can protect while you play in Tahoe year-round


Warming weather and melting snow brings Tahoe back to life. Make the most of the season.
Celebrate Earth Month
Participate in festivals around the Lake, join a community cleanup, or get out there and enjoy the beauty of spring.
Jump in for Snapshot Day
Every May, volunteers fan out across the Truckee River Watershed to take samples from streams and lakes for a snapshot of local water quality.
Explore Tahoe by bike
Longer days and refreshingly cool weather is the perfect setting to see Tahoe from two wheels.
SUP, kayak or canoe
Before boating season begins, Tahoe’s waters can be still and glassy, ideal for paddling. Remember to be safe.
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Arguably the best season to be in Tahoe. Admire Tahoe’s deep blue hue beneath sunny skies.
Protect while you play
Download the Citizen Science Tahoe app to report issues you see in Tahoe’s environment. In three minutes, you can help Keep Tahoe Blue.
Unlock the best boating experience
Get the free Tahoe Boating app for an interactive map showing facilities and points of interests, and tips to enjoy the Lake safely and responsibly.
Take part in a community cleanup
Leave Tahoe better than you found it by joining the League and hundreds of others to remove litter during one of several summer cleanup events.
Join the Tahoe Blue Crew
Adopt your Tahoe happy place to keep it clean and pollution-free. Report litter data to help the League stop trash at the source.
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Mellow out with the beautiful colors between Tahoe’s busy seasons.
Heal a stream, forest or meadow
Take part in the fall edition of Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day for a hands-on ecosystem restoration experience.
See the salmon run
Tahoe’s population of Kokanee salmon swim upstream to spawn each fall. Attend the Fall Fish Festival to learn about this natural wonder.
Take a leaf-peeping adventure
In Fall, Tahoe flashes bright patches of yellows, reds and oranges. See the colorful display around the Tahoe Basin.
Go for a mountain bike ride
Tahoe’s trails are world-class. Hop on a bike and enjoy some of the most beautiful sights and sounds in the Basin.
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Come for summer, stay for winter. See Tahoe in a totally different way.
Go tubing or sledding
Small hills are big fun. Head out to a designated sliding area for family-friendly thrills.
See Tahoe by snowshoe
Strap on a pair of snowshoes and explore endless trails in Tahoe’s national forests.
Catch a free ride to ski or snowboard
Tahoe offers a range of Lake-friendly transportation options that let someone else do the driving for you. Kick back and enjoy the ride.
Create a litter-free Tahoe
Winter fun can make a mess in Tahoe’s environment. Protect Tahoe from litter by joining the Tahoe Blue Crew.
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