Our Accomplishments

Preventing a bridge over Emerald Bay is how it all started

For 65 years, the League has worked to protect and preserve Lake Tahoe. We’re proud to share these achievements with our supporters who made them possible.

Six decades of preservation

  • 2023
    TFSD at Meeks Bay with the Washoe Tribe

    Expanded hands-on ecosystem restoration efforts with new partnerships

    Welcomed new sites and partners to our long-running Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days events, including the Washoe Tribe of Nevada and California.

    CD3 mobile watercraft-cleaning station

    Deployed a mobile, solar-powered cleaning station to fight aquatic invasive species

    The CD3 – short for “clean, drain, dry, dispose” – gives paddlers and anglers a free tool to make sure their gear is free of invasives before it hits the water.

    PixieDrone aquatic skimming robot

    Introduced a motorized, aquatic robot to prevent the spread of invasive species

    The PixieDrone was tested in the Tahoe Keys to capture floating plant fragments and prevent the weed infestation from continuing to spread.

    "Keep Tahoe Red, White & Blue" July 5th Cleanup

    Celebrated 10 years of Tahoe’s largest litter cleanup event

    Every year since 2014, our “Keep Tahoe Red, White & Blue” July 5th beach cleanup has rallied hundreds of volunteers and partners to remove trash following the busiest summer holiday.

  • 2022
    BEBOT beach-cleaning robot

    Pilot tested a beach-cleaning robot

    The BEBOT, an electric robot that collects litter buried beneath the sand, was used to remove tiny bits of hidden trash before they enter Lake Tahoe.

    Tahoe Keys aerial, Brian Hawkins

    Kicked off an innovative test to control aquatic invasive weeds

    The three-year Tahoe Keys Control Methods Test is a science-based, comprehensive program to identify a safe, long-term solution to control Tahoe’s largest weed infestation and protect water quality lakewide.

    Lake Link microtransit shuttle

    Launched a free, on-demand microtransit shuttle service for the South Shore

    Lake Link provides free rides, allowing people to keep their cars parked and avoid contributing to pollution that clouds Lake Tahoe’s waters.

  • 2021

    Important legal precedent set in court victory against Martis Valley West development project

    Developers are deemed accountable for impacts to Tahoe, even if projects are located beyond the Basin, thanks to the League’s legal action.


    Aquatic invasive species detection net expanded with surveys of eight Truckee water bodies

    Eyes on the Lake volunteers scouted the lakes and ponds to identify infestations and prevent cross-contamination.


    Proposed development on sensitive ridgeline replaced by U.S. Forest Service property acquisition

    League advocacy pushed a property owner to abandon development plans at Brockway Summit and agree to sell 120 acres into conservation.


    Bolstered containment of aquatic invasive weeds in the Tahoe Keys

    Helped develop, fund and implement double bubble curtains in the only two outlets connecting the Keys to the Lake.


    Advanced a solution for traffic-related pollution

    Provided funding for continuing service of the TART Connect microtransit program on the north and west shores.


    Research into the impacts of wildfire smoke and ash

    Funded rapid response scientific research on the effects of smoke and ash on Tahoe’s waters with UNR and DRI.

  • 2020

    Cutting through bureaucracy to advance ecosystem restoration

    Co-led an initiative with the CA Secretary of Natural Resources to “cut the green tape” that delays critical restoration projects.


    Removing Tahoe’s largest invasive weed infestation

    Kickstarted removal of 100+ acres of weeds outside the Tahoe Keys through initial funding and continued fundraising.


    Lake-friendly enhancements for Tahoe South Event Center

    Successfully advocated for a parking management plan for the casino core and a south shore microtransit program.


    First-ever detection of microplastics in Lake Tahoe

    Pipe Keepers citizen scientists gathered data that led to the discovery by the Desert Research Institute.

  • 2019

    League awarded Platinum Seal of Transparency from Guidestar

    Earned the nonprofit watchdog’s recognition for sharing the metrics that matter most to our supporters and donors.

  • 2018

    Lake-friendly bike & scooter share service expanded

    After Lime’s successful 2017 pilot, the service expanded on the south shore thanks to League advocacy.


    Shoreline Plan approved

    Steered the creation and passage of a plan to enhance recreation, protect the environment and plan for the future.


    “Styrofoam” ban goes into effect on the south shore

    Used data gathered at community cleanups to convince the City of South Lake Tahoe to ban polystyrene.


    Voters approve Prop 68, sending $27 million to Tahoe for environmental projects

    Advanced a successful California campaign to pass an initiative that delivered funds for Tahoe restoration.


    Loop Road – US 50 / South Shore Revitalization Project

    Ensured the project must meet requirements to reduce traffic, restore the environment and improve transportation.

  • 2017

    South Lake Tahoe becomes first city in the nation to host dockless bikeshare

    Worked closely with Lime and the City to usher in a Lake-friendly, alternative mode of transportation.

  • 2016

    Eyes on the Lake Survey of the Upper Truckee River

    Led an aquatic invasive species survey that laid the ground work for a large-scale restoration of the Upper Truckee Marsh.


    Tahoe residents and visitors empowered to preserve the Lake with Citizen Science Tahoe app

    After UC Davis launched the app in 2015, the League helped expand the project’s citizen science data gathering.

  • 2015

    Tahoe Blue Schools expands, citizen science programs grow

    Programs to educate Tahoe’s youth and engage the public in preservation grew to reach thousands of community members.

  • 2014

    $600,000 to tackle invasive species

    Advocated to secure funding through CA Senate Bill 630 for invasive species monitoring and control projects.

  • 2013

    Preserving the 1969 bi-state Tahoe Compact and unified protection for the Lake

    Advocated for CA and NV to reaffirm their commitment to abide by mutual environmental goals and policies protecting the Lake.


    Volunteer citizen science program launched – Eyes on the Lake

    Alongside the Tahoe AIS Program, created a system to train and enlist the public to help report aquatic weeds.


    Plastic grocery bags banned in South Lake Tahoe

    Used data gathered at community cleanups to convince the City of South Lake Tahoe to ban plastic bags.

  • 2012

    Bi-state working group helps strengthen and pass new Tahoe Regional Plan

    Helped ensure rules to protect Tahoe from development were included in the long-delayed Regional Plan update.

    Pipe Keepers

    Volunteer citizen science program launched – Pipe Keepers

    Created to monitor water quality and draw awareness to stormwater pollution flowing from pipes into the Lake.


    League prevails in shorezone appeal – requires TRPA to curb boat pollution from illegal buoys

    The US 9th Circuit Court of Appeal agreed with the League, holding TRPA to account and preventing environmental impacts.


    League scores court victory halting dangerous precedent on subdivisions at Tahoe

    A successful federal appeal closed a potential loophole that would have allowed large lots to be subdivided and developed.

  • 2011

    Tahoe Keepers launches online tool to help prevent invasive species introductions

    The League planned and implemented outreach for watercraft “clean, drain, dry” education campaign to avoid new infestations.


    Upholding Tahoe’s two-stroke jet ski ban

    Prevented a TRPA code change that would have ended the rule from slipping through the cracks, fulfilling our watchdog role.

  • 2010

    Protecting Tahoe’s shoreline – Judicial decision sets high standard for regulators

    Sued TRPA to ensure Tahoe’s environment is properly protected before allowing new piers, buoys or moorings.


    Reducing pollution by establishing Tahoe’s “Total Maximum Daily Load”

    Advocated to keep strong protections for Lake Tahoe in the TMDL, which sets limits on different pollution sources.


    Aspen forest restoration

    Developed a plan to mitigate infrastructure construction impacts and restore 60 acres of aspen groves on the south shore.


    Sandy Beach lawsuit settlement

    Prevented a sprawling ‘redevelopment’ project from turning a campground into luxury timeshares.


    Kings Beach roadway reduction and traffic improvements

    Collaborated to advocate for a three-lane roadway and roundabouts to replace a larger paved footprint and traffic lights.

  • 2009

    Shaping the $415 million Lake Tahoe Restoration Act reauthorization

    Promoted changes that restrict mining and committed USFS to achieve Tahoe environmental goals.

  • 2008

    Creating Tahoe’s boat inspection program to fend off invasive species

    Pushed for creation of Tahoe’s innovative and hugely successful boat inspection stations to prevent new invasive species introductions.

  • 2007

    Angora Fire restoration – Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days

    For two years, organized hundreds of volunteers to help restore the Angora Fire burn scar.


    League celebrates 50th anniversary


    Lawmakers recognize League’s 50 years of achievements in environmental preservation

    Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rep. John Garamendi commended the League for its dedication and success.


    Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the 1997 Tahoe Presidential Forum

    Co-sponsored an event attended by former Pres. Clinton, Maj. Leader Harry Reid, Sens. Dianne Feinstein and John Ensign.


    Heavenly Mountain Resort drops plan to cut down old growth trees

    Pressured the resort to abandon a new chairlift project and preserve a rare stand of old growth trees.

  • 2004

    $300 million in federal funds for restoration – Southern Nevada Public Lands Management Act

    Advocated for an amendment permitting $300 million from the sale of public lands to support restoration at Lake Tahoe.


    Supporting research and education – Tahoe Environmental Research Center opens its doors

    Donated the first $100,000 in 1995 to support the founding and construction of the center’s home in Incline Village.

  • 2002

    Protecting Tahoe’s watershed with a victory in Meiss Meadows

    Convinced the Forest Service to end cattle grazing in Meiss Meadows, the southernmost tip of the Lake Tahoe watershed.

  • 2000

    Lake Tahoe Restoration Act passed – $300 million boost for environmental improvements

    Worked closely with Tahoe’s delegation to pass the first LTRA, authorizing federal funding for the Environmental Improvement Program.

  • 1999

    Two-stroke jet skis banned at Tahoe, protecting water quality and enforcing noise standards

    Led the campaign to ban two-stroke jet skis on Lake Tahoe, sparking an industry-wide move to cleaner engines.


    U.S. EPA recognizes the League with its Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award

    Awarded to the Lake Tahoe Water Quality Coalition, including the League and local business leaders.

  • 1998

    California Governor’s Environmental and Economic Leadership Award

    Awarded to the Lake Tahoe Water Quality Coalition, co-founded by the League, for forging an impactful environmental-economic partnership.

  • 1997

    U.S. EPA Certificate of Appreciation

    Awarded to the League “in recognition of commitment to the protection and restoration of the nation’s water resources.”


    Start of Environmental Improvement Program, a framework to bring billions in funding to Tahoe

    Advocated, lobbied and collaborated to bring national attention to Tahoe’s environmental challenges, resulting in the EIP.


    First Lake Tahoe Presidential Summit

    Brought international attention to Tahoe by helping orchestrate a visit by President Clinton and Vice President Gore.

  • 1993

    Establishing urban growth boundaries to protect Tahoe’s sensitive lands and watershed

    Thwarted a proposal to expand developable areas and established the principle that urban growth should be geographically constrained.

  • 1984

    Strengthening Tahoe’s 1984 Regional Plan

    After numerous legal interventions, the League shaped the Regional Plan with tougher controls on new development.

  • 1982

    $85 million in bond funds to protect sensitive Tahoe lands

    Organized a successful statewide campaign that delivered funding for the CA Tahoe Conservancy to acquire and preserve Tahoe lands.

  • 1980

    Updated Tahoe Regional Planning Compact bolsters planning and protection for Tahoe’s environment

    Succeeded in including provisions to increase environmental safeguards and ban new casinos and subdivisions.

  • 1970s

    Halting casino growth, reining in development and empowering environmental regulation

    Litigated, lobbied and collaborated to control development, limit casino expansion and empower the TRPA.

  • 1969

    Replacing unchecked development with uniform planning and regulation – creation of TRPA

    The bi-state Tahoe Regional Planning Compact created the agency charged with slowing urbanization and enacting environmental standards.


    Uniting two states, five counties and one city for preservation of Lake Tahoe

    Led the push in CA and NV, and advocated in Washington D.C. for creation of a bi-state compact to coordinate regulation across all Basin jurisdictions.


    Preventing sewage dumping – passage of the Porter Cologne Water Quality Control Act

    Helped pass the law mandating that all treated sewage and wastewater must be exported out of the Basin.

  • 1960s

    Stopping Tahoe from becoming a “city with a hole in the middle”

    Prevented construction of a bridge over Emerald Bay and killed an urbanization plan that would have brought 750,000 full time residents to Tahoe.

Our 65 years of environmental achievements are thanks to our donors and supporters. Keep the generosity flowing so we can Keep Tahoe Blue.