Projects, Programs & Initiatives

From citizen science to microtransit shuttles, find our work here.

Tackle Invasive Species

to protect and restore Lake Tahoe’s delicate ecology
Invasive weed removal
With support from the League, SCUBA divers are removing weeds from a 100+ acre infestation on the south shore.
Eyes on the Lake
Citizen scientists “protect while they play” by reporting invasive species sightings on their smartphones, which triggers a rapid response.
Tahoe Keys Control Methods Test
The League is helping lead the search for a long-term solution to the invasive species infestation in the Tahoe Keys.
Early Detection & Rapid Response
Marinas around the Lake are trained to speedily report suspected aquatic invasive species sightings, so they can be inspected and removed.
Surveying lakes and ponds across Tahoe-Truckee
When we know where invasive species are present, we can put up roadblocks to keep them out of Big Blue. Citizen scientists are leading the charge.
Tahoe Keys Initiative
The Tahoe Keys are ground zero for the infestation of invasive species at Lake Tahoe. The League is addressing the problem on multiple fronts.
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Combat Pollution

to keep Tahoe blue, healthy and pristine
Tahoe Blue Crew
Volunteer teams adopt sites across the Tahoe-Truckee region to keep free of pollution while collecting data used to push for anti-waste solutions.
Alternative transportation solutions
Popular, on-demand microtransit shuttles are poised to help reduce the pollution and headache caused by Tahoe’s unending traffic
“No Butts Left Behind”
The League is attacking Tahoe’s top source of litter with an initiative to install hundreds of cigarette disposal canisters around the Basin.
Beach and community cleanups
We host beach and community cleanups throughout the year to keep Tahoe from getting trashed.
Scooter-share for the south shore
With the League’s help, Lime bikes, and later scooters, came to Tahoe in 2017. Since then, 900,000 miles have been ridden, reducing car pollution.
Litter Initiative
Tahoe is at risk of being loved to death; litter is the most visible symptom. We're working on a cure.
Transportation Initiative
Fine sediment pollution flowing off our roads is a major threat to the Lake's clarity. We're testing innovative strategies to reduce Tahoe's traffic and the pollution it creates.
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Advance Restoration

to ensure Tahoe is resilient in the face of the climate crisis
Tahoe Forest Stewardship Days
For 25 years, volunteers have helped restore forests, streams and wetlands in Tahoe’s longest-running restoration event.
California Landscape Stewardship Network
We help lead this network of organizations to accelerate large-scale restoration projects across the state and in the Tahoe Basin.
Caldor Fire Restoration
Our “restoration strike teams” focus on healing areas impacted by the Caldor Fire.
Cutting the Green Tape
Bureaucracy can slow or derail restoration projects. We’re working to remove the roadblocks and accelerate land-healing projects.
Building a resilient Lake Tahoe
Preparing Tahoe to withstand the impacts of climate change is a multi-pronged effort. The League is taking the lead.
Climate Resilience Initiative
The impacts of the climate crisis make each of the major threats facing Tahoe more dire. We focus on building Tahoe's ecological resilience, so it can weather the changes.
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Other Projects

more ways we Keep Tahoe Blue
Chile Lagos Limpios
Tahoe's long history of environmental conservation makes it a case study for efforts to save threatened ecosystems around the world. Learn about one in the Patagonia region of Chile.
Lobbying for federal funding
The Lake Tahoe Restoration Act has allocated more than $1 billion for Tahoe environmental projects. The League is pushing for the support to continue uninterrupted.
Concerned citizens
Environmental concerns are shared with the League on a weekly basis. We ensure each one is addressed, so potential threats are avoided.
Lessons from the Caldor Fire
In this League-produced video, firefighters share simple steps for improving Tahoe’s chances of withstanding the next, inevitable wildfire.
Protecting Tahoe from unwise development
Our policy experts monitor building proposals closely. Sometimes, we are forced to go to court to protect Tahoe from the impacts of improper, harmful development.
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