Vote November 8

Nov 1, 2016:
The League to Save Lake Tahoe encourages everyone to vote on November 8. We urge you to keep Tahoe and our environment in mind with every choice this election, and we offer the following recommendations on three specific ballot measures.

California State Propositions:
  • Vote YES on Prop 67: preserve state law to end the pollution threat of plastic bags.
  • Vote NO on Prop 65, a misleading measure introduced by the plastic bag industry.

Local Tahoe Measures:

  • Vote YES on Measure M (Placer County), reducing pollution associated with traffic by improving public transportation and funding bike trails and sidewalks.

Vote yes on Prop 67
Single-use plastic bags threaten the health of Tahoe’s environment and wildlife. Rather than biodegrade, they break down into tiny pieces that are easily spread and wind up in the guts of birds and other wildlife. Single-use plastics as a whole are the most commonly found category of items at the League’s community and beach cleanups.

Previous bag bans have demonstrated that customers transition from single-use bags to reusable bags with ease. Reusable bag use increased by 1600 percent after San Jose’s bag ban was adopted. A statewide end to single-use plastic bags will help combat pollution that threatens Lake Tahoe and will help Keep Tahoe Blue.

Vote no on Prop 65
Proposition 65 was placed on the ballot by plastic bag manufacturers, and would influence how funds spent on bag sales could be use. California’s independent Legislative Analyst's Office notes that Prop 65 includes a provision courts may interpret as preventing California’s bag ban from going into effect at all should both Prop 65 and 67 pass and Proposition 65 gets more “yes” votes.

Vote yes on Measure M (Placer County)
Measure M would fund transportation improvements in Placer County by raising retail sales tax by a half percent. The League to Save Lake Tahoe supports Measure M because a percentage of funds raised would be directed towards improvements that provide residents and visitors convenient alternatives to driving, such as better public transportation and bicycle and pedestrian trails. Auto traffic has become a leading source of pollution degrading Lake Tahoe’s clarity. Voting yes on Measure M is a vote to fund projects that will help Keep Tahoe Blue.

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