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Tahoe Keys Weeds Test wraps up second year

Jesse Patterson, League to Save Lake Tahoe & Dennis Zabaglo, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
October 28, 2023

You’ve heard it before: aquatic invasive species are the greatest ecological threat to Lake Tahoe’s water quality and clarity. They outcompete native species, affect nutrient cycling, and impact algal growth, which can turn Lake Tahoe’s beautiful blue water green.

Nowhere is that threat more visible than in the warm, shallow lagoons of the Tahoe Keys, where invasive plants clog the water. Fragments of those plants regularly break off and float away – carried by currents, watercraft, and people – to other parts of the Lake, where they can resprout and start new infestations.

After decades fighting the growing weed problem, the Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association worked with the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, League to Save Lake Tahoe, and other partners to develop the Tahoe Keys Control Methods Test project. This comprehensive test of methods will help determine how best to reduce and control invasive plants in the lagoons and prevent the infestation from spreading further into the Lake…

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