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Measure S is good for local roads and Lake Tahoe

Darcie Goodman Collins, PhD | South Tahoe Now
October 17, 2022

On November 8 general election ballots, El Dorado County voters in the Tahoe Basin will be asked to weigh in on Measure S, a proposal to raise much-needed funds for road maintenance and snow removal by increasing the transient occupancy (paid on hotel stays) from 10 percent to 14 percent.

The condition of Tahoe’s roads, including those in unincorporated areas of El Dorado County, has a direct impact on Lake Tahoe’s natural beauty and environmental health. Bad roads are bad for Tahoe’s stunning water clarity. To Keep Tahoe Blue – and make your daily commute a little less bumpy and icy – the League to Save Lake Tahoe strongly recommends a YES vote on Measure S.

Here’s why:

Traffic crushes Tahoe’s roads into fine dust and debris. When it rains or snow melts, stormwater transports these fine pollution particles into the Lake, clouding its cobalt-blue waters. Measure S will provide about $2.5 million dollars each year to improve and maintain local roads inside the Basin. Consistent upkeep is likely to save costs in the long run because the more eroded roads become, the more expensive it becomes to maintain them.

El Dorado County pays for road maintenance through its Road Fund, which is supported through local, state, and federal sources. In the last 15 years, contributions to the Road Fund from state and federal sources have decreased significantly. Yet, construction and material costs have almost tripled in the same time period.

By delivering more money straight into the Road Fund, Measure S can keep the County from having to dip into its General Fund, which is needed for other County priorities. Plus, the funds raised through Measure S are guaranteed to go to snow removal and road maintenance and nothing more.

Measure S is good for Lake Tahoe, its residents, and its environment. Do your part to Keep Tahoe Blue by voting YES on Measure S.

Learn more about Measure S and what it does by reading this impartial analysis.

– Darcie Goodman Collins, PhD is CEO of the League to Save Lake Tahoe (Keep Tahoe Blue) and an El Dorado County voter

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