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In the News: Volunteers mark all Tahoe Keys storm drains
September 12, 2014, Tahoe Daily Tribune

Volunteers marked the last two storm drains in the Tahoe Keys community and marina with metal “No Dumping” signs Friday, making it the first neighborhood at the lake to do so.

News: Volunteers remove 3,300 cigarette butts from beach
September 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
Volunteers removed 76 pounds of trash during a Labor Day beach cleanup, including over 3,328 cigarette butts, 420 pieces of paper, and hundreds of pieces of plastic trash including bottles, straws and wrappers that will never biodegrade. 
News: Pulling for Lake Tahoe: Volunteer weeders improve six acres near Blackwood Creek

The League hosted an invasive weed pull at Blackwood Creek on Tahoe’s West Shore in August as part of a creek restoration project. Seven volunteers and five League and agency staff removed over 600 invasive terrestrial plants to make room for native plants to establish and stabilize the creek bank.

News: Boat inspection funding comes through
August 2014, Keep Tahoe Blue News
The Bureau of Land Management is providing another $750,000 through the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to help fund Lake Tahoe’s robust boat inspection program through at least 2015.
Volunteer: Eyes on the Lake
Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort. Please register today to receive information on upcoming training dates.
Our Work: Reviewing area plans for environmental gain
The League's policy analysts are working hard on analyzing Tahoe's newest development plans and zoning ordinances to ensure they realize environmental gain such as coverage reduction, restoration of sensitive lands, and compliance with rules requiring environmental improvements to capture and filter stormwater runoff.
Help Keep Tahoe Blue: Ride the Trolley
Air pollution is a factor in Lake Tahoe's clarity loss. Help Keep Tahoe Blue by getting out of your car and walking, riding your bike, taking public transportation, or riding the Nifty Fifty Trolley, which leaves multiple times a day for Emerald Bay from the South Shore.
Join Us: New member-only sticker available
Donate $25 or more to become a member of the League, one of thousands supporting our advocacy, education, and collaboration efforts to Keep Tahoe Blue. This new sticker is available to members only and features a unique metallic shine with a retro border. A perfect way to improve your bling and help the lake!



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