Our Values

Our organizational culture is guided by a strong set of core values

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Lake Tahoe is beloved by a diverse community of residents and visitors—all of whom are potential partners and stewards in the League’s mission to protect it.

We recognize that Black, brown, Indigenous, and low-income communities have historically been marginalized and disempowered in conservation and environmental work. Although the Waší∙šiw (Washoe people) for centuries have been the stewards of Lake Tahoe and the lands around it, they were forcibly removed from their ancestral home. We honor and respect the Waší∙šiw’s legacy and profound stewardship of the Tahoe Basin.  

As we seek to understand historical injustices in the Basin, we aspire to bring a diversity of people into the League’s work and build bridges with communities that have historically been underrepresented.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are moral and strategic imperatives for the League to Save Lake Tahoe. Bringing together and empowering people of all backgrounds and perspectives will enable the League to innovate creative and enduring solutions, harness broad passions, and galvanize a more vibrant community committed to the protecting Lake Tahoe for all future generations.

We are united as an organization – Board of Directors and staff alike – in our commitment to bring together and empower diverse constituents to Keep Tahoe Blue. Honoring this commitment is a perpetual journey, not a destination. We have much work to do, now and for all the days to come. 

  • Solutions-based
    We take an active role in protecting Lake Tahoe by identifying environmental threats and advocating for solutions.
  • Credibility
    We never stop learning and expanding our knowledge, skills and abilities to advance best practices.
  • Professionalism
    We treat our community, collaborators and environment with respect during and outside of work.
  • Balance
    We take advantage of the beauty and recreational opportunities Lake Tahoe has to offer to refresh and inspire our work.
  • Proactive
    We seek out new and innovative solutions for the protection of Lake Tahoe.
  • Transparency
    We explain openly how and why our positions are in the best interest of Lake Tahoe’s protection.
  • Our People
    Meet our staff and board - the passionate people dedicated to protecting the Lake.
  • Our Mission
    While Tahoe and the world continue to change, our commitment does not.
  • Our Accomplishments
    With our supporters' help, we’ve achieved a lot to Keep Tahoe Blue in our 65-year history.