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(Video) 31 acres of sensitive marsh and river habitat successfully acquired

California Tahoe Conservancy
April 2, 2024

<ap flyover of the Motel 6 and Knox/Johnson Property. Credit: CA Tahoe Conservancy.

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The League was proud to support the California Tahoe Conservancy’s historic acquisition of 31 acres of environmentally sensitive land in the Upper Truckee River watershed in South Lake Tahoe.

“This environmental acquisition may be the most important in a generation to protect Lake Tahoe,” said California Natural Resources Secretary Wade Crowfoot. “By reconnecting the most important wetland that filters water flowing into the Lake, this investment protects the Lake’s precious water quality and also provides an important corridor for local wildlife. This project demonstrates the great value of the California Tahoe Conservancy, to work diligently over years—sometimes decades—to see important environmental improvements to fruition.”

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