Transportation Solutions for Lake Tahoe

Transportation solutions for Tahoe - Keep Tahoe Blue

The League has a vision for Lake Tahoe where residents and visitors have a wide variety of transportation choices for getting to and around Tahoe in ways that protect Lake Tahoe’s clarity and ecology while improving the quality of life in our communities. Find out how to get to and around Tahoe on our summer transportation page.

Threats to Lake Tahoe

The leading threat to Lake Tahoe’s famous clarity is fine sediment pollution running off our urban landscape. Auto traffic exacerbates fine sediment pollution by crushing winter traction materials and deteriorating roads. Improving Tahoe's traffic conditions will reduce the sediment that storms wash into the Lake.

Improving Transportation in Tahoe

To address our traffic problems, the League advocates for innovative solutions to reduce our dependence on cars: public transit hubs with more frequent service to popular recreation areas and that encircles the Lake, an integration of technology and services to support ride-sharing and shuttle programs, and re-designed neighborhoods that are more convenient for people walking and riding bikes. The League is taking the lead in launching pilot projects so we test on-the-ground solutions for Tahoe, such as piloting a bike share program that was not up and running on its own in South Tahoe. 

How You Can Help

Whether you are visiting for the first time or a long time resident, you can make choices that help protect Lake Tahoe. Walk or ride a bicycle for your trips to work, to school, and for recreation. Rent a Lime bike or scooter in the summer or rent a bike from a local shop. Carpool with friends and family. Ride the summer trolleys and winter ski shuttles. Explore ways to get to Tahoe that leave more cars behind, whether it’s ride-sharing or trying out the bus options from the Bay Area, Sacramento and Reno.

League Policy Advocacy 
December 2019 League comments on TRPA travel demand model update

July 2018 League comments on proposed service changes by Tahoe Transportation District

June 2017 Joint comments on increase of fees for traffic mitigation measures in Placer County

May 2017 League comments on draft 2017 Transit Master Plan

March 2017 League comments on draft 2017 Regional Transportation Plan
 | Appendix A

September 2011 League scoping comments on the Regional Transportation Plan

August 2008 Leaguer letter outlining additional transportation concerns

July 2008 comments on the Regional Transportation Plan

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