Transportation Solutions for Lake Tahoe

Alleviating traffic prevents clarity-degrading pollution

The leading threat to Tahoe’s famous clarity is fine sediment pollution running off our urban landscape.

Heavy traffic crushes Tahoe’s roads into fine dust and debris and pumps tailpipe emissions into the air. When it rains or snow melts, stormwater transports these fine pollution particles into the Lake, clouding its cobalt blue waters. Improving Tahoe's traffic conditions will reduce this pollution source, and alleviate the stress and strain of travel in Tahoe.

Polluted water running down a storm drain. Pollution moves from streets to stormdrains...
Polluted stormwater flows into Lake Tahoe. ...through outfall pipes into Lake Tahoe.

The League has a vision for the future of Lake Tahoe transportation:

Residents and visitors have a wide variety of choices for getting to and around the Basin – using innovative transportation options that protect Lake Tahoe’s health and clarity – which improves the quality of life in our communities.

How You Can Help

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a long-time resident, you can make choices that help protect Lake Tahoe. Walk or ride a bicycle for your trips to work, to school and for recreation. Use a shared, electric scooter in the summer or hop on a microtransit shuttle. Carpool with friends and family. Ride free public transportation on the south shore and north shore. Explore ways to get to Tahoe that leave more cars parked, whether it’s ride-sharing or trying out the bus options from the Bay Area, Sacramento and Reno.