Slopes & Sustainability: A Blue Partnership for Lake Tahoe

League to Save Lake Tahoe
February 19, 2024

In the heart of winter, where the sparkle of snow meets the shimmer of Lake Tahoe, an inspiring partnership has formed. The League to Save Lake Tahoe and the Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation (DPSEF) non-profits have joined forces, setting a new benchmark for environmental stewardship by modeling ways to enjoy winter sports in a Lake-friendly way. This collaboration is fueled by a shared commitment to preserve the natural wonder of Lake Tahoe for all to enjoy.  

It all started when DPSEF reached out with a simple yet meaningful request: to don the iconic “Keep Tahoe Blue” logo on their ski race team uniforms. Prior to the request, the DPSEF ski team and their parents got their hands dirty participating in a community cleanup hosted by one of our Tahoe Blue Crews who had adopted an area around the ski hill. The experience must have inspired them to do more. Little did we know, their small request was the beginning of a beautiful, blue partnership. 

The heart of this collaboration lies in its commitment to community involvement. Through organized cleanup events and educational campaigns, the League and DPSEF mobilize residents and athletes, share examples of Sierra-responsible winter recreation, and foster a collective responsibility to preserve the Lake’s beauty and health. Emphasizing the importance of sustainable gear and practices, the partnership advocates for products that minimize environmental impact, such as biodegradable ski wax and reusable water bottles (featured in the Keep Tahoe Blue store). We also encourage the use of public transportation to combat pollution, steering the winter sports community toward more eco-conscious choices.  

Hailey Hawkins, the League’s Strategic Partnership Manager, perfectly sums up this partnership’s essence: “Our work with the Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation is such a good example of the types of partnerships we love. They bring the stoke, we bring the science, and together we educate the community on how to keep Tahoe skiable, hikeable, and swimmable for all.” 

Hailey has worked tirelessly to build and launch the League’s new partnership program. The Tahoe Blue Business Program is a groundbreaking initiative designed to engage local businesses in the mission to protect the Lake’s unique environment. This program encourages and highlights businesses’ commitment to environmental stewardship and offers them guidance, resources, and a platform to demonstrate their role in fostering a sustainable future for the region. It’s an invaluable opportunity for businesses to contribute to preserving this place that, directly or indirectly, they depend on.  

The partnership with DPSEF harnesses this potential, spreading the message of sustainability through engaging content and interactive initiatives, ensuring Tahoe doesn’t get loved to death. In today’s digital age, social media is a powerful tool for environmental advocacy. It shows how easy it is for one person to make a difference and connects brands with shared goals. The new partnership has some fun and exciting collaborations in the pipeline, so make sure you’re following our social media accounts and stay tuned.  

As we glide into the future, the partnership between the League to Save Lake Tahoe and Diamond Peak Ski Education Foundation stands as a testament, showing the world that when we bring the right players together, the future looks bright… blue. This collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a promise for future generations that we will continue to cherish, protect, and restore the natural playground, one winter adventure at a time.

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