Crush It. Don’t Kill It.

League to Save Lake Tahoe
June 1, 2023

This summer, you may have spotted a curious display at community events and concerts around the Lake. Our Tahoe Trash Cube exhibit showcased a small sample of the junk that Tahoe Blue-Gooder volunteers remove from trails, beaches and bike paths. Shockingly, everything you see was collected in just a few short weeks.

Full trash cube display

Examining the trash cube exhibit

Trash cube - close-up on plastic bottle message

Together with our collaborators Duft Watterson, we devised a plan to highlight the impact of littering using clear, stackable cubes made from recycled plastic.

The message is simple: Crush It. Don’t Kill It. In other words, everyone is welcome to enjoy Lake Tahoe, so long as you do your small part to leave it better than you found it.

Thank you to Duft Watterson for supporting the movement to Keep Tahoe Blue. Thank you as well to our friends at Rustek for showcasing “Crush It. Don’t Kill It.” in an entirely plastic-free way.

Rustek hat collaboration - Crush It. Don't Kill It.

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