Keep Tahoe Blue this Fourth of July

League to Save Lake Tahoe
July 2, 2024

If Tahoe holds a special place in your heart, you remember the sight of litter on the beach after July 4th, 2023. Visitors and residents woke up to shocking scenes that made national news. Within hours, our dedicated team of Tahoe lovers picked up over 8,000 lbs of trash, transforming your favorite alpine shoreline from trashed to treasured.

We know you love Tahoe, and we do too. That’s why tens of thousands of people choose to spend their 4th of July making memories at the Lake. However, we need to ensure Tahoe doesn’t get loved to death. If trash is left on the beach, it can end up in our beautiful Lake unless we take action. So, this Independence Day, we’re putting out a call for help:

  • $100 can fund the removal of 10 lbs of trash on July 5th.
  • $500 can buy the necessary supplies for one volunteer crew.
  • $1,000 can support our team of experts in the fight to ban single-use plastics.

We need at least 800 donors to be ready for anything, and we cannot do this work without your help.

Can we count on you to Keep Tahoe Blue?

How You Can Help Protect the Lake:

  • Leave your car behind: Bike, walk, or take a free shuttle with Lake Link or TART Connect to get around.
  • Jump on the Bag Wagon: Plastic bags pollute the waterways – bring your own bag when you shop at local stores.
  • Pack It In, Pack It Out: Take your litter with you when visiting the Lake. Single-use plastics and cigarette butts are the most littered items on the beach.
  • Donate to Keep Tahoe Blue: Join a mission focused on preserving the beauty and environmental sustainability of the Lake Tahoe Basin since 1957!

Join us in our mission to protect and preserve the pristine beauty of Lake Tahoe. Your support is crucial to ensuring a cleaner, healthier Lake for generations to come.

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