CD3 – A mobile tool to prevent the spread of invasive species

New Aquatic Invasive Species Discovered in Lake Tahoe
New Zealand mudsnails

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New Zealand mudsnails were found for the first time in September 2023. They were likely brought unintentionally by people – on a kayak, canoe, waders, fishing equipment or even a float toy.

This crushing discovery is a threat to the Lake we all love, and it’s a reminder that we all need to do more to protect Tahoe from aquatic invaders. The CD3 was introduced in the early summer of 2023 to make it easy for people to Clean, Drain and Dry their gear to help Keep Tahoe Blue.

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Aquatic invasive species (AIS) are an ecological menace that threaten to turn Lake Tahoe’s famously clean, blue water to a murky green as they spread. AIS can be introduced as stowaways on any watercraft, with or without a motor. Learn more about the AIS threat to Tahoe.

In the summer of 2023, the League introduced a mobile, solar-powered cleaning station with onboard tools to stop the spread and introduction of AIS in Lake Tahoe. The innovative device is free to use and intended for kayaks, paddleboards, canoes and anything you can paddle, row or float. It is deployed during summer months at popular, high-use recreation sites around the Basin that lack boat inspection stations or staff.

The machine makes it easy for any non-motorized watercraft user to help Keep Tahoe Blue by following the simple steps to CD3 – “clean, drain, dry and dispose.”

Learn how to use the CD3 in three easy steps.


The League provided 100% of the funding needed to bring the CD3 to Tahoe. The technology is being deployed through a public-private partnership between the League, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Tahoe Resource Conservation District.

Importantly, the CD3 will complement the Tahoe Basin’s effective, globally recognized program for inspecting motorized watercraft to prevent the introduction of invasive species. All boats that launch on Lake Tahoe must be inspected and decontaminated at one of four boat inspection stations located around the Basin.

Since the mandatory watercraft inspection program began in 2008 with the League’s guidance and support, more than 100,000 boats have been inspected and there have been no new AIS detected in Lake Tahoe.

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The CD3 is in hibernation. It was last spotted:

August 30 – September 5
9288 Echo Lakes Rd, Echo Lake, CA 95721