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Be part of the solution by joining Tahoe Blue Crew and taking action to remove litter from your Lake Tahoe community!

Tahoe Blue Crew empowers and supports community members to conduct cleanup efforts that protect Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth, however our Lake struggles to keep up with over 15 million visitors each year. That is four times the annual visitation of Yellowstone National Park, but without all of the protections and resources afforded to a national park. Tahoe is being loved to death and the litter left in the environment is a reminder of the severity of this threat. Not only does litter impact the ecosystem, many areas of Tahoe are not cleaned up regularly or land managers are short staffed and overwhelmed by the tens of millions of visitors each year. They need our help. We need to grow the community of volunteers to protect and preserve our beautiful Lake Tahoe for this and future generations to enjoy.

Research has shown that people litter for three main reasons:

  1. They feel no attachment or sense of ownership for the area,
  2. They think someone else will clean up after them, or
  3. They see litter already accumulated and think a little more won't matter. A littered area will attract more litter. 

Litter is harmful to the ecosystem in various ways including carrying bacteria, clogging storm drains, leaching chemicals, maring our pristine outdoors and endangering and killing wildlife. The top litter found in the Lake Tahoe Basin is cigarette butts, disposable plastics and food wrappers. Since these items never biodegrade or leave the environment, it is essential to remove and prevent this litter from ever reaching our shoreline or cobalt waters.

Community cleanups can reduce litter, protect our ecosystem, raise awareness about litter issues, and help to build a sense of pride and ownership for one's community. Join the Tahoe Blue Crew program today and help us combat litter in the Lake Tahoe Basin! Together, we Keep Tahoe Blue.

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