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Choose how engaged you want to be
Bluer: So, you’ve got the full-blown litter bug. You’re ready to form your own Tahoe Blue Crew and adopt an area of Tahoe to keep clean. Fantastic! Click here to get started.

Blue: You want to Keep Tahoe Blue, but your free time is scarce. No problem. Join the Tahoe Blue Crew and become a #TahoeBlueGooder in three simple steps.

  1. Download the Citizen Science Tahoe app. It’s free for both Android and iOS at
  2. See trash, pick up trash. Whenever you’re out enjoying Tahoe, remove the litter you find.
  3. Report your success. Use the app to tell us what kind of trash you found and where.

Every piece of trash collected from the Tahoe environment helps preserve Tahoe’s health and clarity. Our team uses the data you report through the app to advocate for policy solutions - so one day in the future there won’t be any litter to clean up.

Questions? Please reach out by emailing or by calling 530.541.5388.

New Citizen Science Tahoe app is on the way
The Citizen Science Tahoe app is currently undergoing a major redesign to enhance the user interface and improve the utility of the data you and your fellow #TahoeBlueGooders report. The updated version is planned to roll out in April.

The League is grateful to our friends at the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center for leading the project. We can’t wait to share the new and improved app with you!

See your impact
Explore the map below to view your data reports and other members’ of the #TahoeBlueGooder family. Share this page, ask your friends to join, and make it a competition to Keep Tahoe Blue!

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