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What should I expect from a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader Training?
We will discuss what works well and what doesn’t in organizing cleanups. You will learn the process for scheduling clean up events, checking equipment in and out, and collecting data for your site. We will also help you develop your personal approach for planning, promoting, organizing and developing your Blue Crew efforts. You will walk away with a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader welcome kit and sign a pledge agreement and waiver.

Virtual trainings are offered April - October. They are 35 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A at the end. Requests for trainings outside normal offerings and can be provided privately based on staff capacity. If you are interested in a training, we will be starting trainings again beginning in 2022. To be alerted when trainings start up, please sign up here. Let us know in the comments if you would like to join another crew's cleanups. 

How do I get involved?

There are four options to get involved with the Tahoe Blue Crew:

  1. Build your own Tahoe Blue Crew and adopt a location that is a litter “hot spot”. Attend a training, lead the cleanups and operate as the point of contact with League staff and any other partners as needed. See below for details about trainings and how to become a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader.
  2. Join an existing Tahoe Blue Crew near you. League staff can connect you to a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader at an adopted location.
  3. Go out on cleanups on your own and report what you see through the Citizen Science Tahoe "That's Not Natural" web app. To access, go here.
  4. Support the Tahoe Blue Crew program by becoming a member or donating to the League.

Who can be part of Tahoe Blue Crew?
Any group, organization, business, family, or individual can participate whether they are a year-round resident, second homeowner or visiting for just an extended vacation. 

There is no minimum age requirement. Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or chaperone over 18 years of age. All volunteers who participate in a Tahoe Blue Crew event must sign a liability waiver form. Volunteers under 18 must have a parent, guardian or chaperone sign for them.

Tahoe Blue Crew Leaders must be over the age of 18 and should be at least a part time resident to ensure their adopted area is regularly cleaned throughout the year.

Tahoe Blue Crew Leader Responsibilities

  • Pledge to clean your adopted area at least three times a year.
  • Report your cleanup data results here.
  • Monitor your area for things out of the ordinary and report by sending photos and documentation to the League.
  • Tahoe Blue Crew Leaders must be present for the duration of all cleanups.

All participants in the cleanup must complete and sign a Keep Tahoe Blue/Tahoe Blue Crew volunteer waiver prior to participating in the event.

What area can I adopt?
Beaches, trails, parks, streams and waterways, parking lots or around your business or neighborhood. Virtually any area identified by the League, community or our partners as a “hot spot” for litter accumulation.

Perks for being a Tahoe Blue Crew
Having the satisfaction of a clean area when you are done with the cleanup is a perk in itself. However, we will announce you on social media when you join the program and when we hear from you about your cleanup. Remember to take pictures of you and/or your group in action. We would love to see your cleanups! Use the hashtags #tahoebluecrew and #keeptahoeblue on social media.

How do I become a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader?
Becoming a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader is easy; start by contacting the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s community engagement team and we’ll get you enrolled in the next available Tahoe Blue Crew Leader Training. You can view and register for scheduled training events here. For questions or more info, contact us at at, or call us at 530.541.5388.

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