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Tahoe Blue Crew

Adopt-a-beach is now Tahoe Blue Crew! Regular beach cleanup is one of the easiest ways to help our most valuable resource. Debris on the beaches and streets can easily find its way to the lake and adversely impact lake clarity, water quality, and native plants and wildlife. Public participation in beach cleanups is part of basin-wide environmental stewardship initiatives.
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Scheduled Cleanup Days

Have just a few hours? A scheduled clean-up day is perfect for you! Whether you are a local or only visiting for a short while, this is a limited time commitment with maximum rewards. Join our community during high beach-impact times (like the week after July 4th and after Labor Day), when we will be out on our local beaches, cleaning up after the party.
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Beach cleanup essentials

What to wear and what to bring.
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Questions? Call 530.541.5388 or email events@keeptahoeblue.org for information.

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