Take Care Tahoe

Take CareLitter. Dog poop. Unsafe fires. Bear safety. These are just some of the issues impacting our region. The Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee is proud to unveil the Take Care™ campaign to help reduce these impacts and promote a more responsible use of our great outdoors.  

The campaign was designed for use in outreach efforts by public agencies, private businesses and nonprofit organizations in the Region.  Aimed at residents and visitors, the campaign is a series of reminders that poke fun at the mistakes we all make when we’re not paying attention.  

The initial launch included messages on general litter, cigarette butts and beer bottle litter, dog waste, fire safety, bear awareness, and aquatic invasive species prevention. Since its debut, more messages have been added, including on sled corrals. A Take Care Kit featuring the digital files for all of the messages is now available to download for free at takecaretahoe.org

Take Care was developed by the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, which is comprised of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, Tahoe Fund, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency, UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, Tahoe Resource Conservation District, and Tahoe Sustainability Collaborative. 

Funding for Take Care was provided by Tahoe Fund, Martis Fund, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Barton Health. The campaign was developed by the creative team of Meg Siegal and Nate Laver. 

For more information, visit www.takecaretahoe.org 

Take Care Tahoe  Take Care Tahoe
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