Current Priorities

The League works to combat pollution, advance restoration and tackle invasive species to Keep Tahoe Blue. Learn about our work:

Be part of the solution by joining Tahoe Blue Crew and taking action to remove litter from your Lake Tahoe community!
Traffic is one of the largest threats to Lake Tahoe's clarity. Fine sediment runoff from roads and urban areas clouds Tahoe's blue waters. Do your part to Keep Tahoe Blue by using alternative forms of transportation this winter.
Aquatic invasive weeds in the lagoons of the Tahoe Keys are growing out of control and are spreading to Lake Tahoe. Immediate action is needed to treat the infestation and prevent aquatic weeds from ruining Lake Tahoe’s native ecology, pristine water quality and famous clarity.
Tahoe has a litter problem. During the pandemic, to-go food waste has been a major culprit. Here are a few simple steps to help reduce to-go litter, along with information about financial assistance for local restaurants.
Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort.
The League is a leading force in the Tahoe Basin engaging community volunteers to battle weeds, on land and in the water, protect forest health, clean up beaches, mark storm drains, and monitor what's draining into the Lake.
While you shelter in place, try one of our fun, Lake-friendly activities and lessons. You can Keep Tahoe Blue even from home by reducing waste, watching a Tahoe Blue Crew training, conducting a litter clean-up in your neighborhood, and much more.
Pipe Keepers is a community-based volunteer monitoring program that examines stormwater entering Lake Tahoe and its tributaries.
The League continues its long tradition of ensuring strong protections for Tahoe and our natural environment. While the COVID-19 response absorbs attention and resources, our watchdog role is more important than ever.
The League has a vision for Lake Tahoe where residents and visitors have a wide variety of transportation choices for getting to and around Tahoe in ways that protect Lake Tahoe’s clarity and ecology while improving the quality of life in our communities.
The League aims to inspire an ethic of environmental stewardship among all who love Tahoe. We attend or host over 60 events per year to educate the public about Keeping Tahoe Blue. We hope to make learning about the Lake fun for all ages.
As a member of the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, the League is proud to support the new Take Care campaign designed to remind us of all the ways we can Take Care of the Tahoe Region.
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