Current Priorities

The League's current campaigns include combatting pollution, promoting restoration, tackling invasive species and protecting Tahoe’s shoreline. Here are our current projects:

Protection of Tahoe’s shoreline scenic and environmental quality is truly of national significance, and is central to the League’s mission. Learn more about collaborative efforts to develop a Shoreline Plan for Lake Tahoe.
Pipe Keepers is a community-based volunteer monitoring program that examines stormwater entering Lake Tahoe and its tributaries.
The League has a vision for Lake Tahoe where residents and visitors have a wide variety of transportation choices for getting to and around Tahoe in ways that protect Lake Tahoe’s clarity and ecology while improving the quality of life in our communities.
Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe has joined with Sierra Watch and Mountain Area Preservation to ask a court to enforce California’s environmental law to protect Lake Tahoe from pollution from the proposed Martis Valley West project.
Local jurisdictions in Tahoe are busy developing area plans for the region’s communities. These present a vital opportunity for you to have a voice in how your corner of Tahoe grows.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe is teaming with Chariot to launch microtransit service during the summer of 2018 in South Tahoe’s most traffic-congested tourist area in a pilot program to test lake-friendly transportation solutions.
In December 2012, the TRPA approved a new regional plan for Tahoe. The next step is implementing neighborhood area plans. The League will be monitoring these plans as closely as it did the regional plan.
The Lake Tahoe Restoration Act has been a keystone of the effort to protect and restore Lake Tahoe's clarity. The League strongly supported this legislation, which comes on the heels of California and Nevada renewing their commitment to cooperation on Lake Tahoe's environmental goals.
Developers are proposing to locate a 120-acre resort camping complex with nearly 100 RV pad and nearly 100 structures in a remote location on the north rim of Tahoe’s basin.
The League is a leading force in the Tahoe Basin engaging community volunteers to battle weeds, on land and in the water, protect forest health, clean up beaches, mark storm drains, and monitor what's draining into the Lake.
The League aims to inspire an ethic of environmental stewardship among all who love Tahoe. We attend or host over 60 events per year to educate the public about Keeping Tahoe Blue. We hope to make learning about the Lake fun for all ages.
One of the League's main campaigns is tackling invasive species. Our Eyes on the Lake program is a volunteer program that helps survey aquatic weed infestations along Tahoe's shore so they can be controlled when they are still small.
Tahoe's shoreline is where most people experience its stunning clarity, yet there are still no standards to protect it. Tahoe's shoreline beauty is deteriorating rapidly in some areas. We often see algae blooms, water weeds, non-native Asian clams and silt along the shoreline. These are signs that the shoreline ecosystem is rapidly changing.
Tahoe transportation officials, in cooperation with federal highway officials, are moving ahead with plans to to rehabilitate or replace the historic Fanny Bridge.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe is part of a statewide coalition working to pass Prop 68, and we urge California residents to to vote YES on June 5 to protect what is best about California, including California.
The League is a member of the technical advisory committee of the newly revamped Regional Stormwater Monitoring Program, which aims to streamline stormwater monitoring, organize the vast amounts of data, and bring more funding to address stormwater impacts to Lake Tahoe.
As a member of the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, the League is proud to support the new Take Care campaign designed to remind us of all the ways we can Take Care of the Tahoe Region.
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