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Tackling Tahoe’s tiny invaders: aquatic threats at Lake Tahoe

By Abigail Vaerewyck | News 4
June 7, 2024

Environmental experts and community members are gearing up to tackle aquatic invasive species threatening Lake Tahoe’s pristine water.

As part of California Invasive Species Action Week, the training was hosted by the League to Save Lake Tahoe in collaboration with ECO-CLEAN SolutionsTahoe KeepersClean Up The Lakethe Lahontan Water Quality Control Board and Tahoe Regional Planning Agency at the Tahoe Keys Marina.

Lake Tahoe is one of the places that sees high numbers of invasive species every year, according to Marilee Movius from Keep Tahoe Blue. Movius adds that since it’s only motorized watercraft that are inspected before launching in the lake, it’s crucial that other water recreation equipment like kayaks or paddle boards also get checked for any hitchhikers.

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