You Keep Tahoe Red, White & Blue!

A record number of volunteers found much cleaner beaches this July 5th


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Keep Tahoe Blue
Who We Are

Environmental experts and Tahoe-lovers, just like you

We are the donor-funded organization of environmental experts and Tahoe-lovers who have been keeping Tahoe blue since 1957.

What We Do
  • Tackle Invasive Species

    Aquatic invasive weeds
    Inspecting aquatic weeds

    We tackle invasive species to protect and restore the delicate ecology of Lake Tahoe.

    • Preventing new infestations with an engaged, informed community
    • Crowdsourcing solutions through citizen science
    • Deploying innovative technologies to put the threat in check
    • 105+
      Acres of aquatic invasive weeds in Tahoe's largest infestation
    • 8
      Lakes in Tahoe-Truckee surveyed for aquatic invaders in 2021
    • 600
      Volunteers trained and certified through our Eyes on the Lake program
    • 0
      Introductions of new invasives since boat inspections began
    • 1,470
      Surveys submitted by Eyes on the Lake volunteers
  • Combat Pollution

    A beach littered with trash
    Keep Tahoe Blue

    We combat pollution to Keep Tahoe Blue, healthy and pristine.

    • Improving transportation to prevent erosion and emissions
    • Shaping environmental policy and recruiting public funding
    • Fostering stewardship to create a litter-free Tahoe
    • 124
      Tahoe Blue Crews fighting litter around Tahoe-Truckee
    • 43k+
      Pounds of litter removed through League events and programs
    • 172k+
      Cigarette butts picked up since 2014
    • 529k+
      Miles traveled on Lake-friendly Lime scooters since 2018
    • 125
      Cigarette butt disposal canisters installed around Tahoe
  • Advance Restoration

    Burned trees
    Keep Tahoe Blue

    We advance restoration to ensure Tahoe is resilient in the face of the climate crisis.

    • Healing forests, streams and meadows through hands-on work.
    • Removing red tape to accelerate important initiatives.
    • Collaborating with partners to get restoration done.
    • 24
      Years of hosting Tahoe’s largest volunteer restoration event
    • 59k
      Acres on Tahoe’s west shore slated for restoration
    • $36m
      Secured for wildfire and climate change readiness in 2021
    • 10
      Stream sites being monitored for Caldor Fire impacts
    • 10k
      Acres in the Basin burned in the Caldor Fire, needing restoration
How You Can Help

Tahoe can’t protect itself


All of us must do our part to Keep Tahoe Blue. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, you can make a difference.

  • 01
    Our Lake-saving work depends on the generosity of people like you. Support our efforts today.
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  • 02
    Join the Tahoe Blue Crew
    Adopt your Tahoe happy place and keep it free of pollution.
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  • 03
    Put your Eyes on the Lake
    Protect Tahoe from aquatic invasive species through our citizen science program.
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  • 04
    Become a Pipe Keeper
    Monitor water quality and critical infrastructure to protect Tahoe’s health and clarity
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