Enjoy the Tahoe Blue Event Center’s huge event lineup car-free!

League to Save Lake Tahoe
October 24, 2023

Stateline’s Tahoe Blue Event Center is the new buzz in town, with a lineup ranging from professional wrestling to a Pitbull concert. But there’s more to this venue than just entertainment. Did you know the League has worked closely with the event center to bring transportation impacts down to net zero? We’re also leading the way in delivering Lake-friendly transportation options to the South Shore.

Here’s the scoop:

-The Big Picture: The League to Save Lake Tahoe’s planning experts, led by Dr. Darcie Goodman Collins, has worked closely with the event center to minimize pollution impacts generated by cars. Our goal? Keep Tahoe Blue of course.

-What’s Being Done: The Tahoe Blue Event Center is committed to provide significant funding to Lake Link – a free, on-demand, microtransit shuttle service. But, as the saying goes, “it takes a village…” Well, more like it takes a small mountain town. With the help of more than ten local businesses, organizations, and the South Shore Transportation Management Association, Lake Link is providing an alternative travel option for the south shore. 

-Why It Matters: Vehicles damage Tahoe’s roads, leading to runoff that affects the Lake’s clarity. Tire wear introduces microplastics into the Lake, and emissions contribute to algae growth. The solution? Use sustainable transport options like bikes, buses, and shuttles. Above all else, keep your car parked.

-Lake Link’s Success: Even before the event center opened, Lake Link provided 130,000 free rides in its first year. This proves that people are willing to ditch their cars when given the option.

-Your Role: Next time you head to the Tahoe Blue Event Center, consider using Lake Link, carpooling, biking, or walking. Every small step helps in our shared mission to Keep Tahoe Blue! 💙

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