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Tahoe Blue Crew empowers and supports anyone to help create a litter-free Lake Tahoe.

Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places on earth, but the Lake’s environment feels the impact of 15+ million visitors each year. Litter is the most visible sign that Tahoe is at risk of being loved to death.

Litter harms the Tahoe ecosystem by spreading bacteria, clogging storm drains, leaching chemicals, marring our pristine outdoors, and harming wildlife. Community cleanups like those conducted by the Blue Crew reduce litter, protect our ecosystem, raise awareness, and build environmental stewardship.

Tahoe receives three times the number of annual visitors to Zion National Park or Yellowstone National Park, but it doesn’t have the same strict protections as a national park. Public land managers don’t have the staff or resources to keep up, so they need the help of Tahoe-lovers to protect Tahoe’s delicate environment.


Tahoe Blue Crew leader Ben Dosseff

Tahoe Blue Crew leader Ben Dosseff during an interview with KOLO 8, ABC Reno.


Plastic litter.

Research has shown that people litter for three primary reasons:
  1. They feel no attachment or sense of ownership for the area.
  2. They think someone else will clean up after them.
  3. They see litter and think a little more won’t matter. A littered area will attract more litter. 


Get Involved

Form your own Tahoe Blue Crew

How do I become a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader?

Becoming a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader is easy; start by signing up for an upcoming Tahoe Blue Crew training here. For questions or more info, contact us at at tahoebluecrew@keeptahoeblue.org, or call us at 530.541.5388.

What should I expect from a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader Training?

We will discuss what works well and what doesn’t in organizing cleanups. You will learn the process for scheduling clean up events, checking equipment in and out, and collecting data for your site. We will also help you develop your personal approach for planning, promoting, organizing and developing your Blue Crew efforts. You will walk away with a Tahoe Blue Crew Leader welcome kit and sign a pledge agreement and waiver.

Virtual trainings are offered April – October. They are 35 minutes with 10 minutes of Q&A at the end. Requests for trainings outside normal offerings and can be provided privately based on staff capacity. To be alerted when trainings start up, please sign up here. Let us know in the comments if you would like to join another Crew’s cleanups.

What area can I adopt?

Beaches, trails, parks, streams and waterways, parking lots, or around your business or neighborhood – virtually any area identified by the League, community or our partners as a “hot spot” for litter accumulation.

What are my responsibilities as a Blue Crew leader?
  • Pledge to clean your adopted area at least three times each year.
  • Report your cleanup data results to the League.
  • Monitor your area for things out of the ordinary and report them by sending photos and documentation to the League.
  • Tahoe Blue Crew Leaders must be present for the duration of all cleanups.

All participants in the cleanup must complete and sign a Keep Tahoe Blue/Tahoe Blue Crew volunteer waiver prior to participating in the event.

Clean up on your own

  1. Use the free Citizen Science Tahoe app. It’s available at citizensciencetahoe.com and can be used without a cellular connection.
  2. See trash, pick up trash. Whenever you’re out enjoying Tahoe, remove the litter you find.
  3. Report your success. Use the “That’s Not Natural” report on the app to tell us what kind of trash you found and where.

Every piece of trash collected from the Tahoe environment helps preserve Tahoe’s health and clarity. Our team uses the data you report through the app to advocate for policy solutions – so one day in the future there won’t be any litter to clean up.

Questions? Please reach out by emailing tahoebluecrew@keeptahoeblue.org or by calling 530.541.5388.

See your impact!

Explore the map below to view your data reports and other members’ of the #TahoeBlueGooder family. Share this page, ask your friends to join, and make it a competition to Keep Tahoe Blue!

Adopted areas

Use the interactive map below to take a tour around the Lake Tahoe Basin and explore the beaches, forests, trails and meadows adopted by our Tahoe Blue Crews.

Meet our Blue Crew leaders

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Find a Tahoe Blue Crew training hereIf you are a large group and would like a private training, please email us to set one up.