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Plant Detectives

December 31, 2024

Spring is here and so is warmer weather, which means aquatic plants will be popping up in no time! This makes it the perfect time to learn how to tell the difference between native and invasive species. Download this lesson and become a plant detective yourself!

Aquatic invasive species (AIS), introduced to Tahoe by humans, have taken over areas of Lake Tahoe and are changing the Lake we love. They are degrading water quality, disrupting the Lake’s delicate ecology and opening the door for more invasive species to take hold. Warming waters caused by climate change are creating additional habitat along Tahoe’s shoreline for AIS to infest.

Join us as we head out into our environment to take a closer look at local plant life!

Want to know more about native and invasive plants? Download this Plant Detective lesson to expand your knowledge even further! With this lesson we will dive into basic botany and learn how to identify native and invasive plants in the wild. Then you have the opportunity to learn how local organizations are tackling the issue of invasive species. This lesson is geared towards grades 6-12. The whole family can participate in our hands on activity where you will learn how to preserve a local plant using easy to find items. Check out the video lesson below!