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Ways to Reduce Waste Everyday

December 31, 2024

Learn helpful hints for reducing consumption, trash and litter with this quick, fun video.

We provide a flurry of suggestions for tips for the home on plastic alternatives, how to reduce consumption, reducing waste and protecting the environment, including our Jewel of the Sierra.

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With so many of us sheltering in place, waste management services across the country are straining to cope with a huge increase in municipal trash and recycling. By practicing a few easy behaviors, we can reduce waste and decrease the chances of trash becoming pollution in our treasured natural spaces.

We love to see your photos! Show us how you pledge to #reducewaste and Refuse, Reduce, Reuse and Repair by conducting actions seen in the video or others that you come up with on your own and tag us on Instagram and Facebook #keeptahoeblue and #litterfreetahoe for a chance to be featured on the League’s social media.