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Litter Bingo

December 31, 2024

Keep Tahoe Blue Litter Bingo

Join us from your shelter-in-place location for a game of litter bingo! 

Next time you’re outside for your daily walk, print out this activity guide. Use the litter you collect for an engaging version of “bingo” while helping to keep your neighborhood litter-free.

Plastic litter, especially-single-use plastics, are a major source of litter in Tahoe. Since 2014, League volunteers have picked up over 60,500 pieces of plastic pieces including cigarette butts, bottle caps, straws and broken-down plastic pieces! Keep an eye out for plastics on your walks – unfortunately, it won’t be hard to spot them. It is important to remove plastics out of the environment since plastics do not biodegrade, are harmful to wildlife and leach chemicals in the water.

The League provides opportunities for many cleanups throughout the year. With physical distancing in place, it’s more important than ever to continue our cleanup efforts in a safe manner. Please utilize this activity in a way that makes you feel comfortable and maintains your personal health and safety.

We love to see your photos! Share photos of your cleanup and completed bingo cards to or tag us on Instagram #keeptahoeblue & #litterfreetahoe for your chance to be featured on the League’s social media and entered to win an Earth Month prize.