New Environment & Education Center

Our commitment to Lake Tahoe

Since 1957, the League to Save Lake Tahoe has been the leader in environmental protection, preservation and restoration in the Tahoe Basin.

For all our 65 years, the generosity of supporters like you have made possible our many wins for the Lake – from stopping San Francisco-sized development in the basin, to unlocking over $1 billion for projects that restore the natural wonder you cherish.

You can ensure Tahoe remains beautiful and blue by making an investment in the Lake’s future.

Help us create a new home for the League and leave your mark on Tahoe’s premiere environmental facility. Your legacy will be a healthy, vibrant Lake Tahoe for generations to come.

We can build a vibrant future, together.

Need and Opportunity

To achieve this vision for the Tahoe, we need to raise $1 million by November 2023. The generous gifts we’ve received to date have given us a strong start.

Will you help us cross the finish line?

4$ million has been raised of $5 million needed

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  • The Need


    A view of the League's current building.

    Our current home in South Lake Tahoe:
    • Is hidden in an uninviting area, not visible from the road
    • Lacks space to adequately engage and educate our visitors and community
    • Uses our bathroom as a makeshift laboratory
    • Does not fit our full team of experts
  • A Visionary Space to Keep Tahoe Blue

    Architectural rendering

    • A reflection of Lake Tahoe’s stunning natural landscape
    • A hub for collaboration, volunteering and community engagement, focused on lake preservation
    • The home base necessary to continue serving as the Basin’s most influential and effective environmental watchdog
    • A vehicle to further our mission
  • The Location

    Map showing location of new Environment & Education Center

    • 2877 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe – purchased in November 2020
    • High visibility location
    • Along the south shore’s
      busiest road
    • On the crosstown bike path
  • Our Progress

    2877 Lake Tahoe Boulevard before construction

    Thanks to initial donor investments, we have completed:
    • Demolition of the interior and exterior
    • Excavation of the building’s cellar to create more storage
    • Concrete pours for ADA lift and outside entryway support
    • Timber framing for new interior offices and the exterior entryway
  • A Community Venue Unique in Tahoe

    Architectural rendering

    • The only LEED-certified office building in South Lake Tahoe that is the embodiment of our principles: sustainability, innovation, advocacy and community engagement
    • Teaching laboratory facilities and an outdoor amphitheater to enhance our community education and citizen science programs
    • A showcase for Lake-friendly redevelopment, with native demonstration gardens and sustainable building displays
  • A Space to Inspire Visitors to Keep Tahoe Blue

    Computer rendering of office interior

    • Beautiful, engaging design elements that communicate the importance of science, such as a depiction of changing lake clarity using ceramic tiles
    • An immersive education center to foster environmental awareness and action
    • Reclaimed wood from the Caldor Fire to start conversations about of the impacts of climate change and necessity of ecosystem resilience
    • Indoor and outdoor teaching environments, and a studio to produce digital media and video
  • Ground Floor

    Downstairs floor plan of the League's new building

    Community space and education center
  • Second Floor

    Upstairs floor plan of the League's new building

    Keep Tahoe Blue professional offices

Naming Opportunities

Create your lasting legacy with an investment in the lake’s future.

1 available
“The [Donor Name] Keep Tahoe Blue Environment & Education Center”

$1,000,000 donation

Educational Garden
Generously presented by: Joan Lane
“The Lane Native Garden”

$500,000 donation

1 available
“The [Donor Name] Atrium”

$500,000 donation

Generously presented by: The Evers Family
“The Bill Evers Amphitheater”

$250,000 donation

Generously presented by: Fritzi & David Huntington
“The Huntington Environment & Education Center Gallery”

$250,000 donation

Team/Break Room
1 available
“The [Donor Name] Café”

$100,000 donation

Board Room
1 available
“The [Donor Name] Board Room”

$100,000 donation

Retail Space
Generously presented by: The Kerrigan Family
“The Kerrigan Family Boutique”

$100,000 donation

Citizen Science Laboratory
1 available
“The [Donor Name] Teaching Laboratory”

$75,000 donation

Media Production Room
1 available
“The [Donor Name] Media Production Room”

$25,000 donation

Collaboration Hub
2 available
“ The [Donor Name] Hub”

$15,000 donation

4 available
“The [Donor Name] Office”

$10,000 donation