2022 League Supporters

Our generous donors

Donors like you ensure our legacy of success continues through our programs of policy and environmental protection. Your generous gifts in 2022 enabled us to continue our work as Tahoe’s oldest, largest and most successful environmental advocacy organization. We are grateful to all our donors for their support, which ensures Tahoe is protected for future generations.

The League to Save Lake Tahoe is a nonprofit organization under section 501(c)(3) of the federal tax code. All contributions to the League are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. To view our donation disclosure notice, please click here.

Emerald Bay

Emerald Bay


Wayne and Kim Anderson
Gordon P. and Pam Andrews
Jeanne and Bill Barulich
Nancy Siebens Binz
Alex and Eliza Bolen
Glynis Bryan
Carlson Family Foundation
Charles River Labs
Chopard USA Ltd.
Clarence E. Heller Charitable Foundation
Corrine and Douglas Cole
Constellation Brands, Inc.
Corcoran Global Living
CSAA Insurance Group, a AAA Insurer
Amie Dewane
Donald Rhoades Family Foundation
Stephen and Jacqueline Edelmann
William D. Evers, Jr. and Melinda Ellis Evers
Dianne and Paul Felton
Suzanne Flores
Fountain 33 Foundation
Luke and Erin Giordano
Aaron and Krista Giovara
Kathy and Kirk Godtfredsen
Anne Harper and Rick Ronald
Shirley Harrier
Katherine Heller and Rolf Lygren
Hoag Family Foundation
Claudia P. Huntington and Marshall B. Miller, Jr.
John Ben Snow Foundation and Memorial Trust
Erin and Ryan Kerrigan
Thomas Knutsen and Kathryn Hall
Greig Lagomarsino
Atte Lahtiranta
Joan Lane
Julie Lane-Gay and Craig Gay
Gerald Lubeck
Manitou Fund
Alexandria and Kevin Marchetti
Karen and Charles Marlin
Martis Fund
Stacie Mathewson
Merrill Family Foundation
J. Sandford Miller and Ella Hou
Moore Family Foundation
John B. Morey, Jr. Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Morningstar Philanthropic Fund
Colleen Muratore
Vollmer Family Foundation
Nancy Eccles and Homer M. Hayward Family Foundation
Noblelight Foundation
Open Minded Developments Corp. DBA Pela
Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation
Parker Family Foundation
John Payne
Pipkin Family Foundation
Laura and Richard Powers
James Ramsey
Remick Family Foundation
Marilee Rocca Johnson
Ellen Rosenbaum
Christine Rozance
Saks Fifth Avenue
Sand Hill Foundation
Maryanne Sangiacomo
Sato Foundation
Kathy Sawyer
Jordan Schnitzer
Kern W. Schumacher
Will and Suzanne Schutte
Cindy Scripps
Armity and John Simon
Steve and Katy Spurlock
John and Sharon Stankey
Hillary Hilken Stoney
Mark and Susan Stutzman
The Sutton Family Foundation
Julie and Michael Teel
The Aster Family Charitable Fund
The Diana Dollar Knowles Foundation
William and Nancy Thompson
Joseph Tobin
Tracy and Steven Tomkovics
Andrea Torrey
Urbanek Foundation
USDA Forest Service
Vail Resorts
William H. Moffat, Jr. Foundation
Myle Zagorsky
Zeisler, Zeisler, Rawson and Johnson LLP
Anonymous – three supporters

Rubicon Point lighthouse

Rubicon Point

$5,000 – $9,999

Robert and Linda Albrecht
Ken and Marietta Alexander
Angora Ridge Foundation
Barry Ariko
Barabe/Kennedy Revocable Trust
Samantha Bechtel
Eric and Lauren Beelar
Randy Bigony
David and Jennifer Blau
Robert Braddock
Lynelle Cameron
Camp Richardson Resort
Heidi H. Cary
Israel Charo and Martha Neighbor
Linda and Tom Coates
Jim and Kathy Coover
William and Sharon Dally
Jerome L. and Thao N. Dodson
Craig and Kristin Donato
Dunphy Keris Giving Fund
Scott and Samar Fair
Laura Fenger
Nancy Field and Kyle Anderson
Kevin and Celeste Ford
Paulette Meyer and David Friedman
Martin Gaehwiler
Sarah Gallo
Brad and Cathy Geier
Eileen Glassberg
Google, Inc.
Frank and Dolly Halden
Susie Hall and Adrian Sawyer
Donald and Jody Harrier
Hazel Foundation Fund | Parasol Tahoe Community Foundation
William and Bridget Hudspith
James Hulburd and Family
Herman Jansen
David and Carol Jeske
John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
The Family of Bill and Jean Lane
Katy Lee
Los Altos Community Foundation
Tricia Lundrigan and Neil Walker
Marine Layer Inc.
Mellam Family Foundation
Matt and Gail Morey
Peter and Renate Neumann
Standish and Anne O’Grady
Olander Family Foundation
Tom Palecek
Megan Patterson
Mary Patricia Pence
Steve and Christine Perry
Gwen and Tom Price
Patrick and Katy Rhamey
Dianne and Justin Roach
Julie Robson
Mark and Nanette Roenigk
Mike Ross and Kate Phillips
Scannell Properties
Seniel Ostrow Foundation
The Caldwell Stair Charitable Fund
The Olympic Club
Scott Torgan and Thomas Roth
John and Nancy Louth
Sarah Uppal
Jennifer Walske
George and Carroll Yandell

Carnelian Bay

Carnelian Bay

$2,500 – $4,999

Brenda and Regan Avery
Alice and Paul Baker
The Dennis and Stacey Barsema Foundation
Margot and Kyle Biehle
Catherine Marken Boyle and Richard Boyle
Barbara K. Brown
Michael and Dianne Butler
Liza Cannata
Gary and Susan Clemons
Nancy Croom
The Crystal Family Foundation
Bob and Nancy Damaschino
Sarah DiLullo
DLMC Foundation
Scott and Julie Drummond
Robert Elam
Chris and Patrice Gibson
Allison and Jeff Gorelick
Carrie Hall Cooper
Donald and Rachel Hardie
Daphne A. Hatch
Jay and Jessica Hickingbotham
Kent and Cheryl Imrie
Heidi and Manoj Kashyap
Andrew and Mary Ann Kayser
Kristen Kelly
Kathy Kovell
Chris and Eileen Kwei
Jean and Wayne Lowell
Lindsay and Tom McConnon
Tom Mertens and Barbara Krause
Lorna Meyer Calas and Dennis Calas
Susan Mikula and Rachel Maddow
Dan Orton
Gary Pomerantz
Edward and Lynn Poole
John and Diane Rettig
Carolyn Roth
Margaret and Harrold Rust
Alexandra Santos
Dave and Marcy Segre
Cyril Seligman
Marlene Sheff
Sharon Simpson
Ski Run Marina
Tangerine Aveda Salon Spa
Clark and Kathy Taylor
The Wilson Family Foundation
Marvin Tseu
John R. Underhill
Van Siclen Family Foundation
Nicole VanVleck
Alyssa Warnock
Thelma Waxman
Christine and Roland von Metzsch
Allyson Willoughby and Todd Arris
Kurt and Amy Zech
Anonymous – three supporters

Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay

$1,000 – $2,499

Nicholas Abelow
Action Water Sports
Karin Aguilar
Alicia Allegrini and Ben Yoder
Rebecca Anderson
Apple Inc
Aura Salon
Jennifer Bailey
Paul Bartlett and Yumi Nakagawa
Dr. James Bassett and Lily Hurlimann
Sterrin Bird
Lawrence and Janet Black
Barry and Kathleen Blue
Mark and Donna Blum
Jim and Julie Borden
John B. Bowers
Elizabeth Brady
Bill and Jennifer Brandenburg
William D. and Cheryl Brown
Amanda A. Bryan
Steven Burrows
Paul Byrne
Olof and Elizabeth Carmel
Desmond Carnegie
Carolyn C. Chang
Dean Christensen
Michael and Connie Collier
Carolyn Collins
Deanne and Ron Corn
Cody Cowan
Phil and Nikki Damaschino
Lynn Dantzker
Hillary Davis
Henry T. DeNero
Diemer Family
Jason and Sarah DiLullo
Jane Dresner Sadaka
Jeannie Duisenberg
Lynne Edminster
EN2 Resources, Inc.
Harry Englebright and Evelyn Somjen
Jay Farwell and Kelly Campisi
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Howard and Carol Fields
Dillon Flinn
Mary Frandsen
Alfred and Patricia Friedrich
Launce and Isabella Gamble
Ann and Daniel Girard
Capt. Jack and Mrs. Billie Going
Joel Goodrich
HUG Fund
Roman Gronkowski
Gregory and Kathryn Hampton
Mark Haranzo
Megan Harris
Nick and Ellen Harris
The Harris Family
Dan Hazen
Miranda Heller and Mark Salkind
Nancy Henderson
Nora and Nate Hennings
Drs. Jonathan and Jo Carol Hiatt
Pavel Ivanov
Suzanne Johnson
Johnson Ohana Foundation
Berta Kalar
David and Susan Kelley
Lynda and Fred Khasigian
Charles and Sally Klinedinst
Jennifer Koch
Florian Kogler
Ralph and Marjorie Koldinger
Jim Kroger
Donna G. Krupp
Karen Kubin
Laing Family Charitable Fund
John and Elizabeth Laing
Robert Lane
Matt and Denise Lanza
Sam and Cindy Livermore
Louis and Gladyce Foster Family Foundation
Dan Maass
MacBride Family
Jason Madison
Peter and Nicole Magaddino
Rhonda Mahendroo
Henry Massey and Amie Chang
Praveer Melwani
Scot Meyer
Joshua Michaelian
Fred A. Middleton
Carole Milligan
Michael and Jeanne Milligan
Claus Moberg
Charles Moffett
Stephen Monahan and Mary Joyce
Josh Morgan
Morgan Taylor Salon
Wenny Moskowitz
Myriad Cellars
Dennis and Darlene Neeley
Paul and Antje Newhagen
North Drinkware
North Tahoe Marina
Tina O’Dell
Charysse O’Donnell
Keith and O’Donnell
Todd and Suzy Oliver
Todd D. Oliver
Vincent and Tonya Pangrazio
Julie Parikh
Gerry Parker
Marilyn Parsons
Silver Sage Center for Family Medicine
PayPal Giving Fund
Suzanne Pearsall
Lisa and Edward Pellegrino
Michael and Linda Petersen
Tess Peterson
Craig Podesta
Jean Podrasky and Grace Fasano
Annette Poliwka
Rachel Prensky-Pomeranz
Don and Diethild Price
Thomas and Anne Rackerby
RDJ Farms, Inc.
Jon Reynolds
Bill and Lindy Richardson
Ridgeline AP DEP
Ken and Gayle Riley
Daniel Rothenberg
Sharon Rubens
Duane A. and Theresa Rustad
Gerry and Jim Sangiacomo
Jacob Schatz and Katharine Albright
Patricia Schifferle and Bob Gilliom
Frank and Kristen Schilero
Martha Selfridge
Kamal Shah
Shearer Family Trust
Shirley and David Allen Foundation
Jean Sloss
Karen Sloss
Michael and Lyn Smith
Southwest Gas
Randall and Jane Sperring
Lucile Spurlock
Tanya Steinhofer
Strong-Lachemann Foundation
Tanya Tasklia
David and Sarah Thayer
The Edrington Group
The Kerruish Fund
The Steve and Lois Mihaylo Family Foundation
David and Tina Thomas
Stanley and Corinne Tolle
Ned and Ina Tompkins
Suzanne and Jon Torgeson
Peter and Paula Turner
Erik Van Der Poel
Dr. Oldrich and Dr. Silva Vasicek
Greg and Liz Vaughan
Jonathan and Maarit Visbal
David Waal
Sarah Walters
Tracey Warson
Elizabeth Weingart
Jessica Yueh
Michael Zifcak
Michael Zukerman and Hilary Davis
Anonymous – four supporters

Mt Tallac

Mount Tallac

$500 – $999

Philip and Tucker Adams
Adobe Inc.
Cisco Aguilar
Diego Alfaro
AmazonSmile Foundation
James and Lynelle Andersen
Art and Donna Anderson
Richard V. Anderson
Elizabeth Andrews and Jason Meltzer
Harold Appleton
Stacie Armstrong Wallace and Craig Wallace
Atwood Family
Michelle Au
David and Paula Austin
Jim Backhus
Elizabeth and James P. Baker
Lisa Bernard and Donald Douglas
Paul and Maria Berning
Heidi Bianchi
Molly Bierman
The Bohannon Foundation
The Booth Family
Christopher and Jane Botsford
Anne Marie Bozzini
John E Brissenden
Anne Bryan
John Bunch
Ken and Becky Burg
William and Vivian Burnett
James and Susanne Burton
Jeffrey and Patricia Calder
John Candrian
Jane and Richard Castle
Allison Chapas and Mr. Robert Joseph
Mike and Renee Child
Eunice M. Childs
Richard and Hilary Clark
Daniel and Susan Clark
Karen Cleland
Bob and Cathy Cliff
Phil and Ellen Collins
Sarah and Robert Conlon
Conyes Foundation
Michael and Marni Cooney
Burton and Penny Crinklaw
Rick and Jamiee Damato
Leonore Daschbach
Larry and Chris DeFrance Family Donor Advised Fund
Frank and Wendy Denis
Steven and Ellen Denys
Daniel Dillinger
Frances Dinkelspiel and Gary Wayne
Allen L. Dobbins
Michael and Clarissa Donnelly
Steven Douglas and Melissa Heller
Maryann Dresner
Thomas Engelman
Ned Engle
Phillip and Nancy Estes
Albert Everitt
Dr. Paul Alan Feigenbaum and Dr. Mary Judith Kemeny
Roger and Nancy Ferch
Christopher and Heidi Finan
Samia and Scott Foster
Debra E. Francis
Nancy Fregoso
Darcy and Bruce Friedman
Catherine Galgano
Frank Galli and Lisa Querimit
William and Sherryl Gillespie
Sherri Glein
Peter and Sandy Golze
Ron and Enid Goodman
Robert Griesche
John and Mary Ann Gunderson
Patricia Harrison
Healy & Associates
Bud and Suzette Hicks
Monica and Scott Hill
Robert and Linda Hill
Pierce and Bryce Hoenigman
Diane and Julian Holt
John Hooper
Marv and Patti Hovatter
Rich and Suzanne Hughes
Michael and Sherry Hunt
Mike and Denise Hurst
Sylvia Hurst
Rebecca Hussain
Intel Foundation
Harold Irby
Jewish Community Federation
Bryan Thompson and Dr. Erin Jones
Hannah Jones
Julia Henshaw Giving Account
JVCG Charitable Fund
Jeffrey Kaiser
Rohani Kanellos
Scott and Susan Keele
Russell Keil
Cathy and Tom Kerns
Guru and Ongkar Khalsa
Ellie and Carl Kinczel
Ron Kline
Gerald and Susan Knapp
Geoffrey Koblick
Cindy Kozal
Duff and Carol Kurland
Nancy Lang
Anne LaNoy
Greg Laudermilch
Lloyd Lee
Steve Leonoudakis
Cassandra Lichnock
John Lineweaver
Andrew Liu
David and Patricia Lively
Vernon and Patricia Lucas in Memory of Sgt. Patrick J. Lucas
Jane Luthard and Family
Neil and Ellen Macneale
Jeff Marino
Jack and Sue Marquis
Jake Mars
Jason Martinez
Julie and John Maute
Elaine McCarthy
Kimball and Claire McCloud
Vicki and Dale McComb
Jodi and Shaemus McCrory
Duncan and Teri McFarland
Lynn McGowin
Kelly McMahon
Nina Mentges
Sue Merrill
Microsoft Rewards / Give with Bing
Paul Minault
James Mitchell
Ann Marie Mix
Stephanie Mooers
Frank and Christine Mooney
Sami Morgan
John and Diane Moriarty
Thomas and Karen Morioka
Anna Liisa Moter
William H. Mudd
Matthew Murphy
Jerome and Mary Natoli
James Nelson
Julia Nickles-Bryan and Charles Bryan
Olympic Bike Shop
Edward and Christine O’Neill
Margy and Chris Parker
Gerhard and Carol Parker
Lara Pearson
James and Barbara Peck
Parker and Carol Phillips
Khal Pluchans
William Prezant
Greg Price
Ann and William Regan
Kevin W. Rethore, Esq.
Toby and Steve Rhine
Stephanie Ricci
James Richardson
Stu Roberson
Diane Roberts
Theo and Nicole Robins
Brett Robinson and Mary Ayuson
Phill and Wendy Rogerson
Tobey, Julie and Lucy Roland Philanthropic Fund
Edward Rudloff Jr.
Scott and Heather Ruegg
Kevin and Sandy Ryan
Thomas Sands
Phil and Jennifer Satre
Andreas Scheck
Dan Scholnick
Carla Schot
Olivia Schreader
Donna Seldes
A. Horton Shapiro
Cooper Scott Shelly
Richard Shepherd
Mike and Cathy Simmons
Joe and Lisa Simon
Robert Smith and Janet Huseby
Dave and Denise Smith
Kathleen Snodgrass
Arnaud and Sophie Solandt
Soroptimist Internation of Tahoe Sierra
Wendy Spellman
Joanne Spetz
Jerry Spolter
Jim Starr
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Storey
Elizabeth Storey
Peter Tadros and Deanna Paramore
Tahoe Hills Social Club
Nadezhda Tarasova
Alex and Julia Taylor
TD Ameritrade Clearing
Christine Tedstrom
The David LeBuhn Foundation
The James and Susan McClatchy Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Douglas Thielscher
Joseph Thompson
Richard and Kathleen Thompson
Tietig Family Fund
Taylor Tobin
Wylie Tollette
Lisa and Bob Tuck
Tunnel Creek Properties
Lash and Gigi Turville
Jeanne Vance
Martin Vanderlaan
Rob and Melissa Wagner
Carolyn Walker Shaw
Emily Wang
Susan and Sam Warburg
John and Marcia Waterbury
Team Watke
MBRD Michaels / Webster
David and Cris Welmerink
Karen West
William and Melissa Williams
Jane Witter
Woodside-Atherton Garden Club
Steven Yeager
Chuck Yonan
Kay Young
Ron Zech
Anonymous – ten supporters

Agate Bay

Agate Bay

$250 – $499

Abbott Laboratories – EGC
Paul Abramson
Lori Adams
Don and Dory Albert
Kim Aldrich
Adelyn Allchin
Dixie and Chris Anderson
Tom Anderson
Karen Axelsson
Craig Bacharach
Cynthia Baise
Robert and Marcia Barnett
Marilyn M. Bates
Robert Beadle
Justin Becker
Douglas Bell
Randall Berenson
Alexander Berger
Michael Berman and Family
Andrea Biren
Michael Bobroff
Dustin and Robin Boyce
Steve and Susan Boyd
Meri Bozzini
Donald and Marianne Bradley
Wallace and Janet Breuner
Mark and Cindy Brower
Suellen Brown
Cynthia R. Brown
Stephen and Mary Jo Buck
Glyn and Terri Burge
Harold and Alice Bush
Gerald Cahill and Kathy King
Matt Cain
Carolyn Campen
James and Finette Carpenter
Craig and Letitia Casebeer
Seth Chanin
David Blum and Xiufen Chen-Blum
John and Nancy Cheney
Christine Cheng
Chevron Corporation
Jesse Clark
John Scott Clayton
Jerome Cohan
Peter Cook
Dan and Shawn Copenhagen
Joyce Copenhagen
Martha and David Crafts
Kevin and Anna Cronin
David Curry
Ash and Kelly Daggs
Liz Dakin
Gwen Davis Toso
Ricardo de Monet
Frederic De Sauvage
Jeff and Dayna Deaton
Chris and Celeste Dier
Patty and Patrick Dillon
Chris, Patricia and Pat Disney
Karen and Tom D’Louhy
Daniel Donahoe and Alexis and Kathryn Woods
John Dovala
Craig and Christine Duncan
Stephen Easley
Scott and Maryam Ebke
Seldon and Gaby Edwards
Jacqueline Erdman
Ben Evers
Helene Everson
The Federico Family
Jay and Carolyn Fischer
Floyd Family Foundation
Roger and Nancy Fones
Craig and Mimi French
John and Leslie French
Samantha Friesz
Norman Fung
Jane and Matt Gallagher
James and Paula Gansinger
Julie Geissman and Karen White
Larry Gigerich
David and Kathleen Glenn
Steve Glickman
Jane Gorelick
Kristina Gove
Jana and Randall Greer
John Gregory and Mary Fenelon
Michael and Janelle Grimes
Judy R. Guinn
Rich Hall
Paul Hammond
Jay Hancock
Zerne and Elizabeth Haning
Mark Hansen
Jeffrey Hare
Andrea Harris
Lynn C. Hart
Scott Hay
Caron and Jeff Heimbuck
Elaine Henderson
Joshua Hepburn
Jon and June Hoefer
Anne and Kyle Hoffman
Steve and Jodi Howard
Hoyal Family
Michael and Vicki Hughes
Michael Hughes
Rob and Amy Hurlbut
Robert P. Imbellino
John and Sandy Imrie
Michael and Vickie Ina
Dean Ingemanson
Mary Jane and Benton Gross
N.B. Livermore Family
Melinda Jensen
Amanda and Kevin Johnson
Deborah Johnson
Susan Johnson
Steven and Johnson
Robin Jones
Gerald and Cheryl Joyce
Kian Kaeni
David Kasses
Richard and Linda Keefer
Kirk, Elana and Noah Keil
Alanna and Ed Kennedy
Mark Kenyon
Arthur and Rickie Kerckhoff
Russ and Kathy Ketron
Spencer Kezios
Karen Kiernan
Jim and Julie Kirchberg
Barry L. Klein
Tom and Emily Kuhny
Joanne and Leonard Lacasse
Lake Tahoe South Shore Chamber of Commerce
Robert B. Lambie
Bruce Landres
John and Caroline Lavoie
Christian J. Leary
Nancy and Chilton Lee
Ed and Candy Lehman
Carol Lehnert
Stephen Lewis
Liberty Mutual
David and Jane Lindley
Miran Liu
Dave and Rebecca Livermore
Jason Lordon
Joshua Mani
David Maranhas
Joanne Marent
Junko Matsubara
Norm and Pam Matteoni
Martin Mattes and Catherine Garzio
Daniel McCartney
Melissa and Christian McChesney
Thomas McCune
Eileen McEwen
Denny and Ruth McLeod
John T. McNeil
John Meermans
Joan Merryman
Steve and Carol Mertens
Ken and Lindsey Meyersieck
Julia Miladinovich
Nina Miller
Robert and Joyce Miller
Michael Millman
Lancelot and Jennifer Mills
William and Carol Mince
Arpad Molnar and Maya Chorengel
Barbara D. Moore
Bibi and Eric Moore
Andrew Myrick
Dorothea and Soli Nawas
Thu Nguyen
Frank and Lois Noonan
North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation
Patrick and Julie O’Connell
Patrick O’Connor
Anne O’Dell
Thomas and Elinor Osborne
Clyde and Janet Ostler
Karen Pacheco
Kimberly and Louis Palandrani
Rolf and Susan Peterson
Chris Petteruti
Dr. Otto Pflueger and Ms. Arlene Okubara
Don and Kathy Phelps
Elizabeth Phillips
Karen J. Phillips
Amelia Pickering
Sara Lenore Pierce and Brian Joseph Pierce
Jeff and Kim Pizanti
Genevieve Prideaux-Brune
Larry V. Pulliam
Terry Randall
Gabriel Ransom
Terry Raymond
Stacy and John Regan
Patricia Reiter
David Remus
Ron and Mona Reno
Tim Reynolds
Kristin Riccio
Jon and Amy Rich
Sky and Joan Richardson
Lynette Richardson
Dana Rieger
Straty and Mary Righellis
Mike and Lennie Roberts
Gael Rodgers
Jeff Rooney
Juli and Michael Roos
John and Linda Roukema
Nicole Rousey
Denise Rowan
Allen and Cindy Ruby
Eric and Caroline Rumptz
Mahnaz Sadoughi-Yarandi
Rhys and Jennifer Salma
Dianne Salzenstein
Doris Coplen Santana
Andrew Schaefer
Mark Schmidl
Michael Schonenberg and Tracy Neistadt
Catarina and Andy Schwab
William and Kathryn Selway
Judie and Leonard Shaw Fund
Paul and Marcy Sheehan
Joan Sherlock
Katharine Shiomoto
Olaf and Lorena Siemers
Danny Sierra
Silicon Valley Bank
Lisa Sinizer and Rick Hopkins
Nicholas and Cindy Skelton
Marjorie Sladek
Terry and Barbara Slaughter
Harry Smith
Eleanor Smith
Tower C. Snow, Jr.
Daniel Snyder
Marvin and Carola Sohns
Jeffrey and Karen Sommers
Diane Spieler
Amanda Stewart
James and Amy Stolarski
Dan and Mary Anne Sullivan
Tahoe City Marina
Dr. Stephen C. Talbot and Dr. Jill Derby
George and Margaret Tanner
The Hartford
The Roth Family Trust Charitable Gift Fund
Peter and Jennifer Thomas
Ward and Pat Thompson|Ward and Pat Thompson
Sheila and George Tichy
Amber Tierney
Aaron Tirazona
Gerald and Susan Trautman
United Way California Capital Region
US Bank
The Van Der Veers
Jennifer Van Der Veer
Ron Vaught
Preeti and Ben Verghese
Martha and Tom Viola
Tara and Chas Voorhis
Linda Wagenet
Terry Walby
Jamie, Jesse and Gwen Walker
Timothy Wallace
Margaret Ward
Katrine Watson
Jodi Weber
Bernard E. Weichsel
Lance Welsh
Jeanne Weseloh
Rebecca and Eric Widen
Steve and Karen Wiel
Nancy Williams and Steve Lathrop
Natalie Williamson
Fran and Cameron Wolfe, Jr.
Dr. Bruce M. Wolfe
Deborah and Larry Young
Your Cause
William and Carole Zaima
Xavier and Elizabeth Zang
Ray and Carol Zelinski
Allison and Nick Zuvela
Anonymous – ten supporters

Cave Rock

Cave Rock

$100 – $249

William and Jeanette Abbott
Lauren Accinelli
ACOM Solutions
Linda Adam
Penelope Adams
Alexandra Adams
Susane and Miles Adler
James and Barbara Aja
John and Diane Akers
Barbara and Carlo Alesandrini
Bob Alessandrelli
Leslie Ames
Alice’s Mountain Market
Larry Alsop and Loretta Friedel
Pamela Alsterlind
David Ambrogi
Robert Anderson
Jason Anderson
Beth Anderson
George Andreini
Moseley Andrews
Vincent and Nancy Anzilotti
Barbara and Rae Archibald
Sarah Armstrong and Roger Barnes
Dick and Lynn Ashby
Elizabeth Lawler Ashley
Irene Babcock Drews
Brian Baise
Gail Baker
Lisa Baker
Norma Baker
Daniel Baldassara
Pamela Banks
Celia Barbaccia
Leslie and Drew Bardet
Christine Bareuther
Sharon Bargetto and Family
Gary and Marti Barmore
Ronald Barraclough
Dr. Harold Barrett
William Bartlett
Larry and Pauline Bauer
Erin Beall
Cindy and Bob Beart
N. George and Elizabeth Bechtel
Brenda Becker
Bradd Beil
Anne and Jack Belvedere
Aaron Bendikson
Ryan Benson
Susan Benson
Carol Benz
Len Berberich
Charles Beretz
Richard and Hermine Berg
Christian Bergman
Rich and Mary Berkery
Ronald and Janet Beronio
Merrill Biancosino
William and Amelia Black
Aaron Blanchard
Caroline Bowker and Charles Bliss
Charles and Carol Bloch
William and Deborah Blucher
Robert and Marion Blumberg
Cecile and Jeff Bodington
Caleb Boling
Pamela Bomba
Stephen Booth
Barry and Joan Boothe
Gary and Bonnie Boswell
Barbara Boucke
Laramie Bowron
Thomas and Janice Boyce
Susan Boyette
Salvatore and Judith Bozzo
James and Helen Brady
Sherry Braheny
Andrew and Anne Branagh
Stephen A. and Edith Brandenburger Endowment Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation
Tim Branstetter
C. J. Bready and Paul Lunsman
Chett and Suanna Breed
Teresa Breidenthal
Barbara Brennan
Robin Breuner
Katherine and Todd Brill
Anne Brown
Kassandra Buckle
Ralph Bunn
Laura Burkhardt
John Burnham
Kent and Marilynn Burningham
Robert and Colleen Butterfield
Janet and Bob Buyers
Greg and Mary Bynum
Paul Byrne
Jeffrey Byrnes
Adrianne Cabanatuan
Benoit Caire
Barrie S. Callender
Dr. Caroline Belz Caloyeras
Mandy Campbell
Sabine Canto Adams
Capital Group
Ron and Judy Carrera
Andra Carter
Brian Casentini
Shelley and Rich Casey
Alice Castellanos
Caterpillar Foundation
Steve Catton and Maureen Sheehy
Michael Cecconi
Julie Cecilio
Gregory Celotti
Michael and Jane Chambers
Daniel and Olga Chekene
Eric Chen
Walt and Marybeth Chenoweth
Marty and Rise Cherin
Stanley, David and Diane Chinchen
Allen Christie
Mary Clark
Major Christopher B. Clark
Rhamphorhynchus Society
Chris Clementi
Paul and Chris Close
Steven and Elly Cohen
Harvey Cohen
Robert Cole and Eleanor Swift
Barbara Coleman
Adam Collins
John and Carolyn Collins
Timothy Collins
S. Kittredge Collins
Jan Bartaska and William Combs
Miles and Pat Congress
Terri Connolly
Brooke Contreras
Laura Conway
Arthur Coolidge
Chris Cooney
Rick Cooper
Joan and Andrew Cooper
John and Anne Corgan
Marissa Cota
Charlie and Paula Cottam in Memory of Daniel Cottam
David and Linda Coward
Barbara S. Cox
Linda Cox
Craig Family
Dick and Kathy Craig
Carol Crane
Randal W. Crawford
Anne Crawford
Crittenden Family
Dottie Cronk
Mike and Leslie Curtis
Lisa Daggs
Tom and Joy Dahlgren
Marissa Daly
Jack Damato
Leslie Damschroder
Herbert Danielsen and Anita Freyman-Danielsen
Larry and Janet Darrow
Darin Daskarolis and Penelope Paximathi
Christopher Davey
Gordon and Carolyn Davidson
Cara and Tom Davies
Allison Davis
Melissa Davis
Nicholas Davis
Ralph and Diana Davisson
Leslie K. Dean
Larry Alan Dehn
Celia and Prescott Deininger
Frankie Sue DelPapa
Dr. Liz Delaney
Dell Inc
Constance Deller
Monika De Martini
Richard and Diana Dennin
Erin Denny
Tom and Erlinda Denzler
Laura and Claudio dePedis
Kamrin Desmond
Kanwar and Jasmine Dhaliwal
Satish and Smita Dharmaraj
Bernard and Deborah Diamond
Ashley Dinan
Dana Dinno
Brigitte M. Dinter
Mario and Jennifer DiPrisco
Craig Dodge and Bonnie Messenger-Dodge
Kate Dokmo
Michael Dolphin
Dale Dominguez
Mark and Mari Donnelly
Frank Doodha
Stephen Dossey
Joan Doust
Don C. Drew
Bill Druffel
Robert Dunlevie
John and Nancy Durein
Anthony Dutcher
John and Elizabeth Eaton
Jeanne S. Eber
Fred Ebert
Brad Eccles
Sharon Economon
Kent T. Edwards
Gene and Melinda Eggleston
Joanne B. Ehrlich
Greg Eiler
Chuck and Pat Eisner
Ralf Elsaesser and Clara Kim
Mike Enderby
Kathy Engelmann
Linda Engstrom
Horst Essl and Jean Richmond
April Eya
Chris and Fred Fabre
Michael Fahn
Daniel and Linda Fairfax
Rachel Farringer
Garrison and Ann Fathman
Mara Fazio
Gavin Feiger and Katie Riley
Dr. Bruce Feingold
Fred and Cheryl Feldman
Nancy Felix
Susan Fernyak
Dorothy Finger
Fisher Family
Nora Fiamengo
Jim and Linda Folsom
Greg and Sue Ford
Kyle Fortman
Mel Fountain
Harold Fournier
Kaitlyn Francis
Caroline Francis
Linda and Rick Frasch
Joanne and Dale Freeman
Anna Friedler
David Fritz
Jake and Freya Fuchs
Deborah Gale
Jo Galleron
Donna Gallo
Gap Inc
Vilma Garrett
Mary and John Geasa
Elaine and Pete Geffen
Joanna Geneve
Daryl Gerber
Paul Giers
Robert and Linda Gilbert
Jena Giltnane
Lindsay Giorgi
John and Patricia Giosso
David and Erla Goller
Richard and Joanne Goodrich
Gregory Gorbach
Barbara Gough
Sean Grace
Walt and Cindy Grady
Diova Gray and Sue Childress
Diane Graybehl
Eldon and Emily Greenberg
Marla Greer
Catherine Greer
Sharon M. Groen
Elizabeth Grossman
Shangchuan Guan
Claudia Guimaraes
Russell and Mary Gunderson
Joanne and Rob Gustafson
David Gutierrez
David and Lauri Hadobas in Memory of Larrie and Charlotte Hadobas
Kevin Hagerty
Charlotte Hahn
Darren and Arielle Hall
Karyl Hall
Gregg Hall
Roger and Elspeth Hallatt
Lynette Hamel
Sarah Hamilton
Sara and Michael Hammond
Brynn and Reese Hammond
Stewart Hansen Jr.
Candace Hanson
Andrea Hanstein
Gary Harbison
Nancy Hargraves
Brian and Deirdre Harrington
Linda Harris
Kathleen M. Havilan
Katharine Hawley
Gary H. Hayes
Janet Hayes
Edmund and Carolyn Hayes
Hope Hayward and Walter Eisank
Gillian Hayward
HCA Healthcare
Cormac Heaney
Mike and Anna B. Hearn
Doyle Heaton
Norine Hegy
Gail Hehir
Dan and Carol Henry
Laura Henson
Ryan Hernandez
Stephanie Hertel
Ken and Gail High
Judith Hildinger
Kenneth and Joan Hill
Nancy Hill
Karen Untiedt Hillman
Andrew Hinkle
Elizabeth Hitchcock
Kenneth and Lucinda Hitchner
Matt and Siska Hobart
Andrew Hocking, Stephanie Downie Toledo, and Katie Bilotti
David and Barbara Holman
Elizabeth Holtman
Anna Belle Horgan
Schuyler Horn
Robert and Arzelle Hudnall
Susan Hughes
Kevin Hunt
Nancy Hurtado
Judie Hurtz
Nancy Hussmann
Richard Hutchison
Steve and Lisa Hyde
Ilona Kitchen & Bath
Intuit, Inc.
Nancy Iredale
Janet Isaeff
Brent Jack
James Jackson
Richard and Cheryl Jacobs
Nancy Jacobs
David and Jeannie Janssen
The Jarve Family Fund, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Gerald and Sheila Jeffry
Charles and Suzanne Jennings
Jessie And Laurent
Dr. Ervin and Denise Jindrich
Ron and Marcia Johns
Judy and Erik Johnson
Chrisrine Johnson
Helen Johnson
Laura Johnson
May Johnston
Craig Jones and Anne Sheehan
Douglas and Ann Jones
Judy Jones
Samuel Jones
Michelle Jones
Christopher Joseph
David and Sharon Juhnke
Mary Kane and Beau Lacey
Robert Kane
Lauren and Brian Kaplan
Julie and Tom Karlo
Rick and Janet Karp
Tom and Kendra Kasten
Kelly Kavanagh
Emmet and Melenie Keeffe
Robert and Margaret Keim
William and Pamela Kelly
Lynne Kelly
Susan Kempt
Francene Kennedy
Tiney Piney
Gary S. Kerr
Katherine M. Kershaw
Judith Keyani
Kent and Nancy Kilborn
Christopher and Maria Kimball
Ken and Carol Kinman
Alayna Knarian
Daniel and Debra Knudson
Sam and Marguerite Kobrinsky
The Koch Family
Eric Koldinger
John and Diane Kopchik
Mark and Bett Korinek
Thomas and Lorri Koster
Keith and Joan Kott
M. Donald Kowitz and Tracy Figler
Arlene and Steve Krieger
Wayne and Lori Krumrei
John and Paula Kruse
Beach Kuhl
Daniel Kushner
Richard Kyle
Larry and Linda Lacey
Marcel and Susan Lachemann
Marcella Laddon and Richard Rahders
Janet Lally
Lee Lambie
Lynne Lampros
Greg Lang, C.P.A.
Roger Lapham
William C. and Kathryn K. Last
Donald and Carol Lauer
Larry Lauer
Roy Lautamo and Patricia Case
Wayne and Maureen Lavengood
Art and Ellen Leal
Paul and Melanni Leary
Katherine Lee
Robert and Carolyn C. Lee
Marcus Lee
Kevin Lee
Michael and Nancy Legan
Katherine and David Leggett
Edgar and Joyce Lehmann
Gina Leitch
Barbara Lemiere
Jim Leonard
Nicholas Levinson
Marta Levison
Kevin and Suzanne Levy
Pam Lewerenz
David Lewin
Mark Lim
Mike and Ann Linnett
Tom Liu
Julia I. Lopez and Ann E. O’Rielly
Ray and Rose Lorenson
The Loungarikis Family
Andrea Lowther
LPL Financial
Ryan Luckey
Cassie and Michael Luckoff
Donald Luu
Ann and Bob Lyman
Adam Lynch
Monica Lynn
Sheila M Wenzel
David Macchi
Wanda Mackey
John and Stephanie Mackin
Gordon and Anne MacLeod
David and Karen MacQueen
Dr. Donald Maddison
Frances Maier
Melanie Maier
James Blascovich and Brenda Major
Carol Malcolm
Richard and Roz Malcom
Sean and Leila Maloney
Michael and Maxine Mantell
Peggy and Kevin Marani
Jim and MJ Marggraff
Rachel Marino
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Mark
Liz and Judith Marlin
Thomas and Patricia Marnell
Dr. Books and Mrs. Karen Martin
David and Phyllis Martin
Bob and Joan Marx
Andy Mascheroni
Karen Maslow
Marnie Mast
John T. Masunaga
Don Mathews
Dr. Terry Maul
Packy and Nancy Maxwell
Robert Mayer
John and Renee Mc Amis
Joan McAfee
Chuck and Dana McArthur
Janet Gilmore and Geoff McCavitt
Paul McClintock
Charles and Susan McCluggage
Thomas McClure
Alexandra McClure
Rick and Kristine McColloch
Jack B. McCowan, Jr.
Al McDonald
Constance McDonald
James and Susan McDonnell
Mark McGourty
John and Anne McHenry
John and Ravena McIntyre
Shirley McKenzie
Christopher and Barbara McLain
James McNamara and Nancy Nelson
Felicity McNichol
Jennifer McSherry
William and Patricia Meanley
Thomas and Farida Mein in memory of Tommy and Sally Mein
Joel Mendelson
Frank Mendez
Calvin and Taryne Meyer
Ann J. Meyer
Matthew Mikelonis
Marco Milanese
Don and Linda Milanese
Terry E. Miller
Fred Mincher
Patricia Minnix
Dan and Mary Mohrman
Rune Moller
Mary Montijo
Martha Morey
Morgan Stanley
Eric and Lorita Morgenthaler
Jeanette Mori
Jamie Morris
Roberta Morrow
Naomi Morse
Mary Pat Moylan
Jay Muir
Michael Mulligan
Catherine Mullin
Julie Murrin
Virginia Musante
Jed and Helen Myall
Roxanne Naes
Paul and Sharon Nannini
Rochelle Nason
Ed Nattrass
Louise Nayer
James Nelson
Neurocrine Biosciences
Neutron Holdings, Inc. DBA Lime
Geraldine Nicholson
George Nickelson
William and Diane Nico
Walter and Martha Nidzieko
Eric Niedrauer
Niki and Erik Nielsen
Richard and Marsha Niemann
Gordon and Sandy Nixon
Matthew Noble
Mark and Pam Norris
John and Ann North
Steve Novacek
Jim and Connie Nowlin
Tina and Troy Miller
Rickard and Katherine Odynski
E. G. and Martha Okerman
Kathleen Zwickert
James O’Leary and Judith Glenn
Christine Olin
On Deck Clothing Company
Nathalie Oram
James Orchison
Mark and Barbara Orrock
Felicia Ortiz
Monte and Kay Osborn
Mary K. Osborn
Jeff Ostomel
Tyson Overton
Robert and Juanita Owiesny
William Palmer
Adam Paltrineri
Zach Papachristos
Theodora Papastathis
Cory and April Parish
Stephen Parker
Jeff Parker
David and Kathy Pasek
Sara Pasewark
Selvin Passen
Shannon Patrick
Tahoe Pattersons
Kenneth Paull
Andrew and Helen Pavicich
John and Barbara Pavkovich
Jan Pearce
Gregory S.and Joan Peck
Zachary Peckler
Natalie Pecoraro
Robert and Patricia Peebles
Ralph and Patricia Pendleton
Dr. Robert Perez and Dr. Pamela Powell Lewis Perez
Madeline and Larry Petersen
Anne Peterson
Nancy and Bill Peterson
Lindsey Petrilli
Eric Petrosky
Jim Phelan
Larry and Linda Philipp
Joan and Rich Phillips
Beverly Pickett
Marnie and Steve Pinsker
Kyril Plaskon
PlayStation Cares
Gary H Plep
Chad Plummer
Gene Ponce
Victoria Popescu
Jim and Marianne Porter
Dr. Robert and Susan Postle
Alexey Povkh
Valerie and David Powdrell
Helen Power
Michelle Price
Steve and Karin Gomez
Krista Prosser
Paul and Maria Ramos
Meredith Randall
Matt Ratta
Raymond James Financial Services Inc.
Amy Reams
Rudolph Reich
Gloria Reid
Richard and Maria Reyes
Carl Ribaudo
Arnold Ricard
Barbara and David Rice
Martin and June Richards
Judith Ann Richardson
Wendy Riche
Robyn Patty and Frank Risso
Justin Roach
Jeff and Kristil Robarts
Marc and Darlene Roberts
Carolyn and Michael Robinson
Kirk and Lee Robinson
Raul P. Rodriguez
David Rodriguez
Clifford and Nancy Roe
Sherlene Rogers
Clarence and Helen Rolen
Patricia and Robert Ronald
Warren and Diane Ronsheimer
Rob Ronzone
Gregor and Christy Roschitsch
Greg and Linda Rose
Coleen Roski
Nick Ross
Lynn Lawson Rossi
Austin Rosso
Linda Rouda
Linda Rudroff
Lance and Sandra Russum
Sally D. Ryan
Susan Sabin
Eric Sacks
Sacred Salon
Hugh Safford
Jacquelyn Sakioka
Mathew Salter
Allison Salzer
Page and Ferrell Sanders
Mark and Cathy Sarkisian
Russ Satake
Julie Savage
Cozette A. Savage
Tom and Lynn Schaefer
Adam Schane
Don E. Scheid
Gary and Kathryn Schenk
Annie Calonico Schieding
Howard and Renee Schlesinger
The Schmale Family
Susan and Richard Schmidt
Mark and Jill Schratz
Mark and Joke Schubert
Irving Schwartz and Idajean Kaplan
Paul Schwartz
Fred and Debbie Schwarzer
Art and Sue Scotland
Steve and Barbara Scott
Pamela Scrutton
Patti and Rich Sears
Richard and Susan Seiler
Ira Selkowitz
Lori Semel
Linda Seymour and Wayne Cowie
Janet Shanks
Brian Sharafian and Lesha Roth
SPS Properties
Joyce and F Dearmond Sharp
Ryan Sharp
Neil and Jill Sheffield
Benjamin Sher
Lee and Chris Sherrill
Beverlee and John Shields
Nancy Shillis
Dave and Patrice Shiluk
Elizabeth Shoemaker
David Siegel and Andrea Picchi
Steve W. Siegel
Debra Silverman
Mike and Renee Simenstad
Vince and Jackie Siminitus
Peter Sinclaire
Theodore Sindzinski
Diana W. Singer
Kuldeep Singh Mand
George Skelton
Joan Slate
Brian and Heather Sloss
Linda and Ron Smetana
Leonard and Alexander Smith
Mark and Sandra Smith
Judy and Gregg Smith
Cindra Smith
Michael Sneper
Thomas Snow
Wayne and Nancy Snyder
Brian Sobel
Steve Sockolov
Christine H. Sorensen
Dr. Lionel and Ann Sorenson
Kathy and Robert Southern
Margaret Spaulding
Randi Spence
Darrell Spence
Ron and Leslie Starr
Daryl and Sam Statler
Emmet D. Steed
Joachim Steinberg
Diane Steinhaus
Kimberly Stella
Jim and Carol Stenderup
Steven Gomberg Family Fund
Sam and Paty Stevens
René and David Stewart
Susan Stewart
Willard and Ellen Stillman
Karen Stine
Judy Stokes
Ralph Storment
Catherine Strand
Dr. Don Strangio
Daniel Streck
Barbara Strick
Loren and Marcia Stroope
Pam Stroud
Robert Strunck
Tom and Cindy Suchanek
Lauren Suchman
Karla Sullivan
Mark and Cindy Sundberg
Frank Sutton
Patience Svendsen
Douglas and Judith Swager
Donald and Sara Sweet
Andrea Swetz
McKayla Taaffe
P. Tabar and A. Landsdorf
Gerald A. Tabor
Tahoe Meadows
Anil Talwalker
T. C. Tario and Pam Rebolo
Tad and Dianne Taube
Robin Tauck
Carol Taylor
Kendrick Taylor
Debra TenBruggencate
The Home Depot Foundation
The Illumina Foundation
Mike and Ursula Thielen
Ward Thomas
Suzanne S. Thompson
Patricia Thomson
Janet Thrasher
Patti Tilton, M.D.
Jon Tolson
Heather Tompkins
Jennifer and Barton Tretheway
Melinda Triplett
Marita Trobough
Orlando and Elida Trujillo
Paul and Delrene Tschida
Mary Tuncer
Cole Turay
Steve and Judi Turtletaub
Richard and Linda Twitchell
Christopher Tzimenatos
Steve and Carolyn Ulrich
Jeanne Underwood
Dave Urquhart
Stephen Van Rensselaer
Michael and Lynne Vanlandingham
Daniel R. Vaughn
Cherolynn Vila
Dennis and Teresa Vinopal
Gary and Donna Vliet
Susan and Jerry Vogus
Petra Volna
Peter and Christel Von Rogov
Julie Wadley
Jett Walker
John and Debby Walter
Felix and Elizabeth Wannenmacher
Laura Waste
Anne and Larry Wayne
Elizabeth Weatherly
Heather Weber
Andy Weil
Jonathan Weinberg
Elizabeth Wellerstein
Wells Fargo Matching Gifts
William Wendin
Mike Werner
Carina Whaley
Justin Whitney
P. A. Whitney
John Williams
Karen Sotelo
Liz and Doug Williams
Joanna N Williams
John and Virginia Williamson
Sandra Davison and William Wilson
Raymond and Judith Wilson
Dean and Suzanne Winter
Charles and Jane Wiser
Shanna Witt
Eric Wolfe
Barry and Judith Wolstan
John and Mary Wood
David and Ann Worthington
Evie Wozniak
Lynda Wozniak
Helen L. Wright
Jane Wulf
Edward and Debbie Yarish
Kris Zankrich
Matthew and Lauri Zealear
Cynthia Zollinger
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Fallen Leaf Lake

Fallen Leaf Lake

$50 – $99

Gordon N. Almquist
Jill Anderson
Marlys J. Anderson
Shelley Anderson
AON Foundation
Cindy Archer
Martin and Joan Aroz
Ruth and Edwin Auld
Monica Bailey
Dick and Lynda Baker
Diane Balaga
Walter Bankovitch and Jocelyn Pou
Dr. Joseph and Clara Barbaccia
Joel Barbier
Donald Barkofsky
Neil and Jill Barnes
Louis Bartolini
Baylis Family Trust
Elise Beaman
Isla McCausland
Barbara Beckworth
Ed and Jackie Bedwell
John and Cathy Beliakoff
Aldo Bendana
Martha and Lawrence Bennett
Scott and Renae Bent
Shawnee Berndt
Kristin H. Berry
Chris Biemesderfer and Rebecca Jensen
The Bills Family
Rupinder Bolaria
Brian Bosse
Robert and Marilee Bossi
Christina Bowers
Eric Jon Brink
David and Sylvia Brooks
Steven Brooks
Jerry Brosnan
Robert and Elizabeth Brown
Lynda T Bruni
Don K. Buck
Coralie and Joe Burgess
Tony and Sandy Burke
Hedi Burkhart
James Butler
Eugene Cadenasso
Colleen Camenisch
Judy I. Camp
Robert and Carole Caplan
Diane Carrara and Dan Marks
Catherine Casey
Patricia A. Castellucci
Chad Ceccola
Sandro and Joan Centofanti
Gerardo Cervantes
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
Albert Chandler
Jim Christensen
Lori Christensen
Gretchen Christophel
Chris Cifelli
Martha Cirata
Luis Cisterna Munoz
Bob Clark
Jamey Shachoy
Paul and Celia Concus
Nancy Cornelius
Frank Cortese
Valerie and Scott Corvin
Kelsey and Sylvia Coutts
Kevin Cramer
Karen and Gary Crangle
Elizabeth Cross
Elizabeth Dally
Megan Day
Ken and Gloria DeAlba
Lyle G. Deck and Jonathan Tomasco
Engylenn Del Rosario
Lynn DeLapp
Toy Family
DeNigris Family
Jeff and Nancy Doak
Thomas Doan
Stephen and Franceen Doggett
Kristin Dorage
Daniel and Patricia Dorsa
Ron and Chrysan
Robert and Diane Douglass
Holly Downes
Andy Drake
Lia Dufrene
Gary and Pat Eckman
Rick Edmondson
Thomas and Catherine Edwards
Perry Eggleston
Bill Emmerich
Janet Eyre
Joni and Vincent Fausone
John and Sue Feder
Chuck and Elyse Feldman
Tom and Pauline Ferrito
Bob and Arlene Fife
Richard and Ann Filson
David Finn
Doug Fischer and Vera Barile
Edward Fishbein
Philip Fisher
Steven and Sally Foster
Dennis Fregger
Ashley Frey
Matthew Friedman
Brigitte Fuerstner
Bill Fukui
Aaron Gallardo
Vlad Gantvarg
Rosita Garrison
Gaubert Family
Don and Molly Gaylord
Valerie Geier
Linda Geoghegan
Barbara George
Brody Ghashghai
Dayna and Gerald Ghio
Bob and Wendy Gibney
Susan Giger
Heather Gillette
Sharon Giroux
Megan Gleason
Papaha Gosline
Samuel Graff
Barbara Granicher
Crystal Gray
Barbara and William Greene
Daphne Greene
David Greene
Linda Guasco
William Gustafson
Serena Haapala
Marlowe Hadeler Savelle
Nicole Haller
Dr. Robert and Kathryn Hallworth
Nicholas Handel
Gary Hansen
Robert Hansen
Margery and James Harris
Antoinette Harsh
Claudia Hassler
Paul and Ginny Hatfield
William Hearne
Thomas Heffernan
Lisa Beth Heggeness
Tom Hehir
Bill Heiss
Phillip and Krista Henke
Carl and Kathy Hennige
Paul and Carol Henshaw
L. G. Hermann
Frances Herrall
William and Alexandra Hersh
Debby Hertel
Cheryl Hicks
Caroline Hickson
Gregory and Joan Hill
Ronald J. Hill
Larry and Dale Hirsch and Roger Dickinson
Kristen Hislop
Craig Hoffecker and Bonnie Borda Hoffecker
Susan Hollingshead
Steve Hoogheem
Sarah Hoover
Connie Houser-Wenzel
Doug and Janet Howard
Michael and Malvine Howard
Hunter and Jennifer Howatt
Richard Dean Huber-Williams
James and Linda Huff
Doreen and Larry Hunt
William Hunter
Bruce and Elizabeth Hutchinson
Tony and Cirina Ippolito and Family
Christine Iversen
Jennifer Janzen
Neil and Linda Jensen
Darley and Jim Jeppson
Brandi Johnson
Edward and Arlene Johnson
Rick and Catherine Johnson
Kevin Johnston
Rosemary Joyce
Kathie Julian
Kaiser Permanente
Sharon Karmelich
Joseph Karp
Katelyn Taylor Carson City Orthodontics
Jeannie Kays
Mike and Karen Kealy
Mary Keating
Scott Keene
Dennis and Hene Kelly
Jo Kemling
Nada Khalaf
Sia Khosrovi
Dana Kilroy
Sharon Kimble
Dave King
Jamie King
Kathy King
Ian Kirk
Steven and Elaine Kitrosser
Rosemarie Kochanowsky
Brad and Monique Kohler
Sandy and John Kohlmoos
Andy Kovacevic
Otto and Jillian Kramm
Paul M. Krukovsky
Paula Kubo
Frank Lacono
Jonathon Laine
Andrew Lampron
Scott Lamson
Richard and Janet Landauer
Gerald and Kathleen Landers
Thomas Lane
Martin and Barbara Lang
Jessica and Ralph Langley
Mel Laub
Linda Levitt
Guy and Darline Lohman
Judy Ludlow
John and Linda Macchi
James Maher and Julie Cozzolino
Don and Pat Malberg
Michael and Sharon Marlowe
Scott Marshall
Laura Martin
Martin Family
Michael Martin
Gene and Jean Matsuura
Anne McCabe
Mark and Kelly Mccaslin
J.B. Buzz McClain
Sarah McCoy
Jeffrey McDaniel
David and Rosemary McNutt
James and Catherine McPhee
Linda Melluish
Gerald H Meral
Mary Metzger
Carolyn Miller
David and Norah Miller
Jeffrey Miner
M. David Minnick
Judith Misenhimer
Mobile Giving Foundation
Nikki Montgomery
Maureena Moran
Ursula Morgenstern
Fredrika Moser
Sara Mowery
Dixie and John Moynihan
Diana and Robert Nehls
Megan Neilon
Bill and Lynn Newhall
Makinzi Newlin
Monica Norton
Monika and Larry Norton
Evert and Joanie Nygren
Sean O’Bannon
Terri Oberto
Kathleen O’Brien and Paul Jelderks
Seamus and Karen O’Connor
Patrice Bingham Offenhauser
Tom and Nancy O’Neill
Pamela Orlandi-Maurer
Natalya Ortiz
Kerrie Osborne
Shirley Pacheco
Brett Padelford
Mark Palcanis
Michael Palmer
Peggy Panighetti
Richard Parmelee
Edith L. Patron
Thomas Pelino
Mike Peron
Lori Perri
Thomas Perry
Carol Petricka
Greg Pfister
PG&E Corporation
Mike and Claudia Piasente
Richard and Mary Pincolini
Chris Polonchek
Alberta Powell
Deborah and William Power
Kristeen Pratt
Kevin Pryor Estate
Karen Pyatt
Pat Quinn
Ralph and Patty Ramacciotti
Richard and Barbara Ray
Erin Reid
Gary and Arleen Ressa
Jennifer Reyes
Warren Riley
Riley Ventures, LLC
Craig and Kathy Ritchey
Wes and Bonnnie Robb
Phillip and Marjorie Roberts
Emily Rodriguez
Randy and Sandy Romero
Paul Romnes
Claudia Ross
Michael and Amy Rothberg
Lorin and Bernadette Rowan
Yan Rubin
Bob and Valerie Russo
David and Shari Safianoff
Claire Salih
Brooke and Gary Sampson
Richard and Patricia Sanders
Denny and Ana Sands
Patty and Marty Sanford
Christie Sasso
Damon Sauve
Andy Sawyer
Peter Schmale
Bill and Ginny Schultz
Glenda Schulz
Rene and Phyllis Scribe
Jamey Shachoy
Amirreza Sharifian
Rayona Sharpnack
Elizabeth Shaskey
Patrick and Charles Sherman
Catherine and Gary Sherrer
Jill Short
Cammie Sinor
Ellen and Gary Sirbu
Marcia SKall
Sandy Skezas and Katie Beckett
Ben Smith and Judy Adams-Smith
James Smith and Karen Yorke
Annabelle Smith
Kathleen Thickett Smith
Suzanne Smith
Tara Smith
Darrel and Elaine Snyder
Betty (Jean) Soennichsen
Helen Solinger
Kelly Solov
Kenneth and Donna Sonoda
Tim and Ann Sorrells
Karen Sotelo
David Spears
Steve and Mary Ann Spreiter
Joseph Squeri
Hilary Stamper
Lisa Stern Hazlewood
Janet Stoddard
Deborah B. Stone
Ben Strumwasser and Elizabeth Johnson
Sherri Sugarman
Elizabeth Sullinger
Carol and John Sullivan
Lynn Sumida
James Thorne
William and Sandra Threlfall
Isabelle Toms
Glenn M. Toth
Gretchen Tovar
William and Linda Trainor
Tom and Jill Treuhaft
Amy Triphan
Yuriy Tuzov
Kristie Ulm
Peter Underwood
Sharon Van Iderstine
Rebecca Vesely
Chloe Vieira
Genevieve Villemaire
VMware Foundation
Katherine Von Berg
Natasha Von Kaenel
Ryan Wachter
Tim and Vivian Wallace
Susan Waltner
Bob and Anna Ward
Cheryl Ward
Greg Ward
Don and Sue Watters
Lauren Way
Jeffrey Weiner
Michael and Mary-Courtney Whamond
Dolores Whitfield
Alonzo Wickers and Casey Bloys
Victoria Wickert
Hayley Wickins
Jeanette Witz
Andrew and Leslie Wolf
Wendy Wollish
Randolph and Melinda Wong
Joan Wood
Cay and Greg Woodson
Michael and Jan Yaffe
Stephen and Iris Yakuma
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Pier at Sugar Pine Point

Sugar Pine Point

$25 – $49

Miriam Ackermann
Lani Addelson
Erin Akamine
Desiree Aldeguer
Kathy Alexandre
Loren and Margaret Allen
Jack and Jeanne Androvich
Susan Antipa
Penny Ballenger
Anthony Basques
Mary Ellen Spencer Benier
Colette Beraut
Margaret and Corwin Booth
Tiffany Borjeson
Charles Louis Borrecco
Shannon Brennand
Kathleen Brown
Frank Bruno
Julia Burgess and Marilyn Murphy
Nancy Cantisano
Deirdre Carter
Maggie Chevallier
Tammy Combs
Dennis Conte
Carol Cooke
Robert and Mary Cormia
Abigail Crispin
Sophia Crocker
Marianne Damon
Laura Derosier
Andrew and Donna Dulick
Jonathan Dunn
Kristin Elam
Karena Elise
Dawn Elliott
Kathy Ereno
Pete and Linda Fairley
Ginny Ference
Joy Finley
Maureen Fitzgerald
Spencer Fossen
Francis Frederick
Andy and Denice French
Elisa Gallagher
Haley Godtfredsen
Harry and Linda Goldsmith
Douglas Goodall
Nancy Greenlee
Shandele Gumucio
Steve Hamman and Cathy Caton
Mary Hanson
Gary Harman
Alexa Hendricks
Lynne Heritage
Thomas and Susanne Hoag
James and Greta Hoff
Antonio Ibanez
Nancy Jacobs
David James
Joan Johnson
Anne Jordan
Theressa Kato
Kristen Lahner
Amy LaRue
Christina Levy
Emily Lifton
Steve and Linda Malmquist
Daniel Marion
Cynthia Martin
Karen Maxson
Melania Meleney
Justin Moore
Don and Maureen Moyer
Lori Narlock
Siobhan Neitzel
Ruth Nemergut
One4All Charitable Fund
Carmen O’Toole
Jennifer and Adrienne Parker
Denise Parks
Gail Pech
Richard C. Penniman
Robin Penslar
Tim Phillips
Nancy J. Pierce
Anna Pizelo
Radoslav Radev
Rebekah Remkiewicz
Bill Rice
Megan Rice
Robert Briffett
William H. Rohrer
Kathleen Rose
David Rouda
Marianne Ruane
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