Recreation Threshold: A Lake That Belongs to Everyone

The League's vision for Lake Tahoe includes communities and facilities that "provide low-impact outdoor recreational opportunities now and into the future."

The League promotes responsible, sustainable recreation that preserves Tahoe for all to enjoy, including future generations.

One of the League's guiding philosophies is the idea that the lake belongs to everyone. Because of this, we seek greater protection for low-impact recreation when regulators contemplate policies that affect the peaceful enjoyment of Tahoe’s natural surroundings.

The League also acknowledges private property rights and responsibilities, and has always taken a neutral stance on whether the public has the right to access beaches between the high and low water mark in California.

Finally, the League has for a long time maintained the position that Lake Tahoe can survive many visitors – it just cannot survive too many high-impact activities, too many cars, or too much development.

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