Citizen Science Maps

See what we’ve accomplished through our events, programs and initiatives

Beach & Community Cleanups – Litter Impacts

Cigarette butts, plastics and food waste pose a serious risk to Lake Tahoe’s ecology, beauty and wildlife. At our cleanup events, volunteers, staff and partners have removed thousands of pounds of litter from the environment. Explore the map to understand the impact and importance of our cleanups.

Tahoe Blue Crew – Adopted Areas

Explore the beaches, forests, meadows and neighborhoods adopted by our Tahoe Blue Crews. Then check out statistics about each area, including how much litter has been removed from the environment thanks to the effort of our Crews. Our goal is to have every square inch of the Tahoe Basin adopted and protected.

Pipe Keepers – Stormwater Infrastructure Monitoring

Past development paved over many of Tahoe’s marshes and meadows, the Lake’s natural pollution filters. Now, rain and melting snow flush pollution into storm drains that lead to the Lake. Pipe Keepers monitor and maintain pipes and drains to keep clarity-degrading stormwater pollution out of Big Blue.

Eyes on the Lake – Invasive Species Sightings

Our staff, volunteers and marina partners report sightings of aquatic invasive plants at Tahoe. We use this data to organize rapid responses, so new infestations are removed or contained before they can spread. Researchers, agencies and other decision-makers use the data to inform invasive species management plans.

Caldor Fire Citizen Science – Stream Impact Monitoring

In addition to direct impacts from the Caldor Fire’s smoke and flames, the wildfire could create delayed aftereffects for Lake Tahoe. This citizen science program was designed to monitor water quality in streams and rivers that drain areas burned by the Caldor Fire. What we learn will help shape ecosystem restoration priorities.