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Will California voters help protect Lake Tahoe?

January 23, 2018

Some of the most important environmental restoration projects to protect Lake Tahoe are short on essential public funding. The League to Save Lake Tahoe encourages California residents to vote yes on Prop 68 this June. Also known as the California Clean Water & Parks Act (SB5), this bond measure will bring $27 million in critical public funding for Tahoe environmental restoration efforts.

Prop 68 Background

In 2017, the California legislature passed SB 5 (de Leon), a $4 billion parks, natural resources and water bond. Prop 68 will be on California’s June 2018 ballot for approval by the voters.

The bond includes $27 million for California Tahoe Conservancy, whose mission is to lead California’s efforts to restore and enhance the extraordinary natural and recreational resources of the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Here is additional information on how the SB funds would be expended:

Parks (local and state)
$200 million to the California Department of Parks and Recreation for local park rehabilitation and improvement grants on a per capita basis
$15 million to DPR for park and recreation grants for jurisdictions with a population of 200,000 or less
$218 million to DPR for restoration and preservation of existing state parks
$10 million for enterprise projects
$5 million to local agencies that operate and manage state park units
$25 million for natural resources projects in state parks
$25 million to DPR for competitive grants for recreation projects in nonurbanized areas. (counties with a population of less than 500,000)

Natural Resources Agency
$30 million for competitive grants for non-motorized infrastructure development to enhance access to parks, waterways, outdoor recreation, forested lands, etc.

$50 million for climate preparedness, habitat resiliency, resource enhancement and innovation projects.
$15 million goes to the Urban Forestry program

Wildlife Conservation Board
$88 million General purpose funds – can be used for habitat restoration or acquisitions
$60 million for fish passage improvement projects

Department of Fish and Wildlife
$25 million to restore rivers and streams in support of fisheries and wildlife

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