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Washoe Tribe among delegation pledging continued protection at annual Lake Tahoe Summit

Jeff Munson | Carson Now
August 13, 2023

The Washoe Tribe has called Da-ow-a-ga — or as we know it, Lake Tahoe — their home for centuries, and two members of the tribe were at the 27th annual Lake Tahoe Summit held Wednesday to share the importance of the lake to their people.

“Tahoe is not only beautiful for us, this is life, the heart of our people,” explained Washoe Chairman Serrell Smokey. “The Earth and water gave us life.”

Chairman Smokey said that after they were forced out of the Lake Tahoe Basin they are coming back to work together to not only acknowledge the Washoe land but to protect it.

“We can do more, we can do better,” the chairman said.

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