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TRPA mooring lottery open through March 1, 2024

Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
November 30, 2023

Beginning December 1, entries for new moorings, such as buoys and boat lifts, can be submitted to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency by eligible lakefront owners for the fourth lottery drawing allowed under the Lake Tahoe Shoreline Plan. A mooring lottery will be conducted annually until all allocations are distributed.

Entries for the lottery can be submitted anytime from December 1, 2023 through March 1, 2024 and all submissions received before the deadline will be considered equally. The lottery drawing is scheduled to take place March 29, 2024.

Single-family parcels may be eligible for a maximum of two moorings and, beginning this year, homeowners’ associations with existing buoy fields may be eligible for up to one mooring per residential unit served.

Only littoral shoreline properties, those that adjoin or abut the highwater line of Lake Tahoe, are eligible to submit. The lottery drawing is only for an allocation. If an allocation is received from the March drawing, a complete permit application demonstrating consistency with the agency’s ordinances will be required.

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