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Team member spotlight: Leila Maloney, governance and relationship manager

League to Save Lake Tahoe,League to Save Lake Tahoe
April 30, 2019
Q: Describe an accomplishment you are most proud of since you started at the League. A: I love being the liaison and the primary staff resource for our 20 board members to keep them engaged and informed on League issues. Having a knowledgeable and effective board is crucial to the success of all our League programs and initiatives.
Q: What is your favorite volunteer event that you have worked with the League? Why should others join in? A: The Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue Beach Cleanup on July 5th is definitely my favorite League volunteer event. I love seeing both locals and visitors so passionate about keeping trash, especially plastics, off our shorelines and out of the crystal blue water of Tahoe.  
Q: What is one goal you want to accomplish for the League? A: I hope to continue to grow and foster relationships within the local community to bring more awareness to the importance of our mission in protecting Lake Tahoe’s clarity so future generations can enjoy it as we are now.
Q: What team member would like to swap places with for a day and why? A: Marilee Movius, our Community Engagement Manager, to engage with our dedicated volunteers.
What our team says about Leila: Leila is a problem solver who is always proactive when preparing for projects and is always ten steps ahead. We enjoy working with Leila because she always approaches work in a kind and positive way. Leila started working at the League in 2017 and we’re very fortunate to have her on our team.

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