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Team member spotlight: Kelci Brown, Community Engagement Associate

July 1, 2019
Q: Describe an accomplishment you are most proud of since you started at the League. A: I am most proud of when we helped at Woods, Water, and Wildlife in early June; we taught first graders about Native and Invasive Aquatic Species in Lake Tahoe. It was very rewarding getting to teach a younger audience more about where they live and ways that they can help protect the Lake, even though they are young.

Q: What is your favorite volunteer event you have worked with the League? Why should others join in? A: My favorite volunteer event working with the League so far has been our Spring Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day. Everyone should join in because it is an event that you need a team to complete. No one could accomplish the projects on their own and everyone coming together to work for an important cause is very rewarding to see. 
Q: What is one goal you wish to accomplish for the League? A: I hope to work towards expanding our Blue Schools program to more underserved groups in the community.

Q: What was your favorite concert and why? The best concert I have been to was a Silversun Pickups concert my husband David and I went to when we were living on Maui. I have been listening to them since I was in high school and they are actually from LA so it was awesome to finally get to see them.

What our team says about Kelci: Kelci leads by doing her best and is always eager to learn and lend a hand. He uses her positivity to inspire others to join in and protect Lake Tahoe.

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