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Take Care Tahoe promotes use of sled corrals

Kevin Sheridan | KOLO8 Reno
March 24, 2023

Take Care Tahoe is promoting the use of sled corrals as a way to reduce plastic waste at popular sled hills.

They say that these hills can become littered with broken sleds and discarded trash after they are done being used, creating an excess of waste and a hazard to other sledders.

Now, Take Care Tahoe says they have set up sled corrals to help manage the issue at five of the most popular sledding sites in the Tahoe area.

“Cheap plastic sleds lead to an enormous amount of trash because they break easily and are difficult to clean up,” explained Marilee Movius, senior community engagement manager, League to Save Lake Tahoe. “Not only are the sharp shards of plastic sleds dangerous for other sledders, they begin to break down into microplastics that will eventually end up in the lake.”

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