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Tahoe’s beach-cleaning robot is back in action with expanded role

League to Save Lake Tahoe, ECO-CLEAN Solutions, Tahoe Beach Club
June 28, 2023

League to Save Lake Tahoe, ECO-CLEAN Solutions and Tahoe Beach Club team up to fight litter

LAKE TAHOE, NV/CA –The League to Save Lake Tahoe and ECO-CLEAN Solutions are kicking off the 2023 summer season by expanding their robot-powered, beach-cleaning initiative to cover entire Tahoe beaches. The BEBOT – an all-electric, solar and battery-powered, sand-sifting robot – completed the first-ever full cleanup of a private beach in Lake Tahoe, combing through Tahoe Beach Club’s shoreline at Stateline, Nevada. More full beach cleanings at sites around the Lake are on tap for the coming months, and a second machine will be added to the robot fleet. 

In 2022, the League and ECO-CLEAN introduced the West Coast’s first beach-cleaning robot to Tahoe. Their goal was to pilot test the technology’s ability to support traditional litter-fighting efforts by removing difficult-to-detect, hard-to-remove trash from below the surface, where beach staff and volunteers may miss it.  

“Last year’s pilot project showed that the BEBOT can act as the last line of defense against beach litter, especially plastics, before they pollute Lake Tahoe,” said Jesse Patterson, chief strategy officer for the League to Save Lake Tahoe. “Innovative technologies combined with people power can help protect the Lake until we solve the litter problem altogether.”

During the 2022 pilot project, the BEBOT cleaned 72,000 square feet across 11 private and public beaches, collecting 4,500 pieces of litter, the vast majority of them plastic. Explore the full results in this interactive StoryMap: Unless plastic trash is removed from the environment, it will break down into smaller and smaller pieces over time, eventually becoming microplastics. Once in the Lake, microplastics are all but impossible to remove. 

Cleanup efforts with stewardship-focused partners like Tahoe Beach Club are a testament to the commitment of nonprofits and local businesses to preserve the Lake’s health and beauty. Over 200 pieces of small litter and organic debris were unearthed during the first full beach cleanup at Tahoe Beach Club, the majority being small plastic pieces, Styrofoam debris, bottle caps and cigarette butts. The data being collected from the BEBOT’s cleanups will also be used to estimate the amount of trash lurking beneath the sand across Tahoe, and to support the League’s advocacy for litter-prevention policies, such as the City of South Lake Tahoe’s ban on plastic water bottles.

The League and ECO-CLEAN Solutions are pleased to partner with Tahoe Beach Club on their sustainability initiatives. The work sets an example for how to take action that prioritizes the health of our environment. Tahoe Beach Club is committed to leaving a legacy for the next generation, eliminating the use of single-use plastics on site, employing sustainable building practices, forming their own litter-fighting Tahoe Blue Crew, and using eco-friendly products throughout their facilities. 

“With the future in mind, Tahoe Beach Club is focused on leaving an eco-friendly legacy for the next generation,” said Kevin Speer, general manager of Tahoe Beach Club. “Our footprint calling is to be stewards of the Lake, ambassadors of the beach, and partners in the community.”

The League invites residents and visitors to help create a litter-free Tahoe by taking part in the 10th annual “Keep Tahoe Red, White and Blue” Beach Cleanup on Wednesday, July 5th, 8am – 11:30am. Celebrate the Lake you love by cleaning up one of a half-dozen locations around the Basin. For details and to register, visit

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