Regional Transportation Plan Released

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Tahoe Regional Planning Agency | Jeff Cowen | Sep 11, 2020

The draft Lake Tahoe Regional Transportation Plan is available for public review and input. Comments should be submitted by October 25.

The Regional Transportation Plan is the transportation vision for the Tahoe Basin. The plan, updated every four years, focuses on transit, trails, technology, and communities to support the environment, economy, quality of life, and visitor experience. The plan outlines the projects and programs that will shape the next 20 years of Lake Tahoe's transportation system.

The plan will help reduce harmful greenhouse gases while improving water quality, air quality, scenic resources, noise levels, and recreation resources across the Tahoe Region. According to TRPA, Tahoe’s transportation system should meet the daily needs of transit-dependent riders and employees, make it easier for recreational travelers to use transit, and assure visitors they can get around without their cars.

The plan focuses on:

  • Transit: Adding services to provide 15-minute service between town centers and recreation destinations, 30-to 60-minute service between neighborhoods and town centers, and inter-regional service for commuters and visitors from neighboring regions.
  • Technology: Connecting people with information about the many ways to travel around the Region, providing better data and analysis, and ensuring charging facilities are available for electric vehicles.
  • Trails: Increasing trips by foot and bike by providing walking and biking routes.
  • Communities and Corridors: Bringing plan elements together with a corridor planning framework connecting workers to jobs, visitors to recreation, and residents to town centers, housing, and recreation.

Public hearings will be held at the end of September and beginning of October. The plan will be considered for adoption by the TRPA Governing Board in November. Track the plan at Send comments to Michelle Glickert at

View the Regional Transportatiopn Plan.

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