New System Protects Lake Tahoe from Invasive Species

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KCRA3 | Kristen Simoes | Jul 24, 2020

A bubble curtain was previously installed at the mouth of the Tahoe Keys. This new technology is an improvement on the existing bubble curtain, providing more air and a much stronger application of it.

A highly advanced aquatic invasive species containment system is up and running in the Tahoe Keys with the goal of preventing, what scientists say, is the number one threat to Lake Tahoe.

The Tahoe Keys contain 172 acres of waterway. It’s the largest source of boating at the lake, as well as the largest infestation of invasive aquatic species.

“Tahoe Keys are ground zero for aquatic invasive species at the lake, in particular aquatic weeds," said Jesse Patterson with the League to Save Lake Tahoe.

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