Blue Crew helps keep Lake Tahoe clean

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Tahoe Daily Tribune | Laney Griffo | Jun 26, 2020

Tahoe Blue Crew volunteers adopt litter hot spots around Lake Tahoe to keep it free of trash and pollution.

LAKE TAHOE — Nothing ruins an experience like gazing out at the view from the mountains and seeing a chip bag stuck in a bush or wading into Lake Tahoe’s clear water and stepping on a rusted soda can.

Fortunately, blue-shirted heroes are making the basin cleaner for everyone. They are known as the Tahoe Blue Crew.

As part of the volunteer arm of the League to Save Lake Tahoe, the Tahoe Blue Crew grew out of the adopt-a-beach program...

Anyone can join an existing crew, or start their own. There is no size limit on crews, even one person can be a crew.

Leslie Edmonds has adopted the bike path near her home on Upper Truckee Meadows in South Lake Tahoe.

“We wanted to keep our neighborhood clean and take ownership of a part of Tahoe,” said Edmonds.

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