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Ribbon cutting at Lower Secline celebrates strides made in improving Lake Tahoe’s clarity

Miranda Jacobson | Tahoe Daily Tribune
December 5, 2023

KINGS BEACH, Calif.— Improving the water clarity in Lake Tahoe has been a huge priority among agencies in Lake Tahoe, and the official ribbon cutting at Lower Secline in Kings Beach on Thursday, Nov. 30, was another step forward in doing just that.

The Lower Secline Water Quality Improvement Project, which brought drainage infrastructure along Secline Street and Brockway Vista Drive south of North Lake Blvd, is a part of a larger series of projects in Kings Beach to not only restore the natural beauty of the town, but the historic clarity of the lake that once used to be just under 100 feet.

“It’s really due to projects like this that aren’t very sexy to the public, but are so important to our lake’s clarity and quality,” said District 5 Placer County Supervisory Cindy Gustafson…

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