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Retired South Lake Tahoe teacher creates song as plastic water bottle ban goes into effect

by Paula Peterson | Southtahoenow.com
April 22, 2024

The trash left behind on Lake Tahoe’s beaches after the 4th of July last year led retired South Tahoe Middle School Krissi Russell to write the song, Just Drink Tahoe Tap. Now with the plastic water ban going into effect in South Lake Tahoe on April 22, she wanted to share the positive message.

Krissi, a long-time Tahoe local, taught Spanish and English Language Development at the middle school for 28 years. She is a singer/songwriter, an advocate for the lake, and a children’s book author. She has created music CDs with picture books in an interactive read-and-sing set in both Spanish and English. Her big hit was In The Meadow (Don’t Feed Our Bears).

The City of South Lake Tahoe’s ban on single-use plastic water bottles started on Monday, April 22. Stores are no longer able to sell plastic water containers less than one gallon in size.

Plastics, including Polystyrene, damage Lake Tahoe’s sensitive natural habitats and scenic beauty. These materials are not biodegradable, nearly impossible to recycle, and persist for many years in the environment by disintegrating into smaller plastic particles.

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