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Record Trash at Lake Tahoe

Inisght with Vicki Gonzalez | Capitol Public radio
July 11, 2023

July 4th is one of the busiest holidays– if not the busiest– across Lake Tahoe. For the past 10 years the non-profit known as Keep Tahoe Blue has spent the morning after cleaning up what’s left behind. This year came with a sad milestone. In the span of just three hours volunteers removed more than 8,500 pounds of trash surrounding Tahoe, which the non-profit says is an all-time high.

Dr. Darcie Goodman Collins is the Chief Executive Officer of the League to Save Lake Tahoe– also known as Keep Tahoe Blue. She along with volunteer Naomi Morgan joined Insight to discuss the record clean up, how litter has changed in the past decades, as well as which areas have improved significantly since the first July 5th beach cleanup in 2014.

Listen to the interview.

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